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Anonymous Amine Thread 2021/07/28(Wed) 20:06:59 GMT No. 4265
File: just_getting_s(...).jpg (3 MB, 4032x3024)
what anime have been watch?
Anonymous 2021/07/28(Wed) 21:53:40 GMT No. 4267
I've been watching your handwriting for the past 10 minutes and I still can't parse what the hell you're saying.
Anonymous 2021/07/29(Thu) 00:32:48 GMT No. 4269
File: 56cgvtazpb711.jpg (72 KB, 640x787) >>4265
Anonymous 2021/07/29(Thu) 00:47:34 GMT No. 4271
>>4267 by makoto shinkai?
Anonymous 2021/07/29(Thu) 02:59:01 GMT No. 4272

-Over focused food CGHIDCI - BAIT)
-MC w/ no friends CSI)
-Annoying "Moe Blob" coci cv4racter
-MC has speezh impediment awkwa
-obnuxious movie soundtrack
-"cute voice" CSI(?))
-???? versions of charactGrs useo
Anonymous 2021/07/30(Fri) 19:21:26 GMT No. 4306
what anime has everyone been watching lately?
Anonymous 2021/08/02(Mon) 22:22:10 GMT No. 4826
Cross Game
Anonymous 2021/08/04(Wed) 16:42:52 GMT No. 4835
Anonymous 2021/09/01(Wed) 08:14:26 GMT No. 5161
Konosuba and Outlaw Star :3
Anonymous 2021/09/06(Mon) 16:29:47 GMT No. 5204
File: 87aa4e3a9b6d86(...).jpg (195 KB, 900x1099) Boku no Pico
Anonymous 2021/09/06(Mon) 19:41:13 GMT No. 5211
Samurai Champloo. Stayed up until 4 AM last night not realizing it because of the show.
Anonymous 2021/09/06(Mon) 20:01:33 GMT No. 5212
gunslinger girl

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