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The stories and information posted here are autistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.


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Anonymous ## Admin 2021/04/25(Sun) 21:11:24 GMT No. 2423
File: 4.png (20 KB, 300x100)

Make and post banners here
Must be 300x100 and not contain pornĀ 
Anonymous 2021/04/27(Tue) 03:36:28 GMT No. 2445
File: 1619200236449.jpg (19 KB, 300x100) easy
Anonymous 2021/04/27(Tue) 03:57:14 GMT No. 2446
Anonymous 2021/04/28(Wed) 04:12:42 GMT No. 2460
File: Moots.png (46 KB, 300x100) shit thread
Anonymous 2021/04/30(Fri) 22:38:48 GMT No. 2503
File: mootxicanpride.png (43 KB, 300x100) >>2423
Anonymous 2021/05/01(Sat) 03:02:11 GMT No. 2506
File: bannerxico.gif (4 KB, 300x100) ye ye babey
Anonymous 2021/05/01(Sat) 04:33:50 GMT No. 2507
File: this thread is(...).png (177 KB, 768x788) >>2506
This is awesome
Anonymous 2021/05/03(Mon) 01:03:04 GMT No. 2537
File: mootxico.png (40 KB, 300x100) k

You are determined
Anonymous 2021/05/06(Thu) 10:21:25 GMT No. 2574
File: 2101001490ebe5(...).png (168 KB, 337x301) >>2506
tfw no moot
tfw no xico
Anonymous 2021/05/14(Fri) 05:24:47 GMT No. 2650
File: YOUAREGAY.jpg (57 KB, 300x100) >>2423
!Ep8pui8Vw2 2021/05/16(Sun) 07:54:25 GMT No. 2671
File: mootxico.png (58 KB, 300x100) ;_;
Anonymous 2021/05/16(Sun) 17:10:05 GMT No. 2673
File: mootxicocraft.png (52 KB, 300x100) herobrine
Anonymous 2021/05/17(Mon) 02:53:05 GMT No. 2680
Pretty clever
Would be pretty cringe to use Moot's face if he never shows up himself
Anonymous 2021/05/17(Mon) 20:38:57 GMT No. 2691
File: mootxico.png (4 KB, 300x100) >>2423
Yes, I stole this from >>>boards.4channel.org/v/
Anonymous 2021/05/18(Tue) 00:51:04 GMT No. 2697
File: mootxico.png (13 KB, 300x100) >Actually accepted my low effort shitpost banner
have another one

You are determined
Anonymous 2021/05/18(Tue) 01:56:24 GMT No. 2698
File: 1613360193644.png (18 KB, 300x100) >>2697
I like it
Anonymous 2021/05/18(Tue) 16:11:59 GMT No. 2702
File: mootxico.gif (190 KB, 300x100) :)

You will travel to Ukraine in search of Lucky Charms
Barry ## Admin 2021/05/18(Tue) 19:23:52 GMT No. 2705
I'll add it, but if we get sued by an epileptic, i'll bust a nut, and not in a good way
Anonymous 2021/05/18(Tue) 19:30:45 GMT No. 2706
i understand the consequences mr barry
Barry ## Admin 2021/05/18(Tue) 19:34:13 GMT No. 2707
all these are solid gold btw. keep'em coming
Anonymous 2021/05/19(Wed) 00:34:28 GMT No. 2712
File: barry.png (3 KB, 300x100) >>2707
You got it boss

You will invoke the wrath of staff
Anonymous 2021/05/19(Wed) 00:37:23 GMT No. 2713
File: 1230404349919.gif (593 KB, 220x227) >>2712
Whoops, there's a 1 pixel thin row of the wrong color at the top that i'm too lazy to fix, oh well
Anonymous 2021/05/20(Thu) 23:58:56 GMT No. 2760
File: banner2.gif (3 KB, 300x100) oh yeah babey
Anonymous 2021/05/21(Fri) 02:13:20 GMT No. 2761
File: 1353412900040.gif (590 KB, 640x640) >>2760
"The stories and information posted here are autistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."
Anonymous 2021/05/26(Wed) 13:27:05 GMT No. 2869
File: iDontLikeSand.gif (215 KB, 300x100) >>2423
Anonymous 2021/05/27(Thu) 08:56:42 GMT No. 2890
File: banner.jpg (36 KB, 300x100) >>2423

Anonymous 2021/05/27(Thu) 10:12:53 GMT No. 2891
File: a5f3b138cd24e1(...).png (34 KB, 600x407) >>2890
Barry ## Admin 2021/05/28(Fri) 12:09:54 GMT No. 2904
Anonymous 2021/05/28(Fri) 17:49:16 GMT No. 2911
File: banner.png (166 KB, 600x200) let's go!
Anonymous 2021/05/28(Fri) 20:56:30 GMT No. 2918
File: banner.png (55 KB, 300x100) >>2911
Whoops, wrong size
Anonymous 2021/05/29(Sat) 18:43:45 GMT No. 2927
>Implying he isn't lurking this site since the longcat thread on 4chan where the foundations of this site were first discussed
Anonymous 2021/06/01(Tue) 01:37:58 GMT No. 2960
File: longcatedit.png (1 MB, 895x894) >>2927
Moot's long gone. Thinking he still cares after all the shit he's been through with 4chan would be foolish
Anonymous 2021/06/01(Tue) 05:24:43 GMT No. 2964
File: bannerattempt.png (63 KB, 300x100) >>2423
Anonymous 2021/06/01(Tue) 21:06:08 GMT No. 2975
is there an archive of the thread? I was wondering when and where this site came from
Anonymous 2021/06/02(Wed) 11:11:48 GMT No. 2989
File: 23585244.gif (1 KB, 100x100) >>2975
Warning, your browser will suffer
Anonymous 2021/06/02(Wed) 21:58:38 GMT No. 2990
File: 1590244450999.png (94 KB, 1445x695) >>2989
Anonymous 2021/06/03(Thu) 00:34:32 GMT No. 2993
File: firefox_g6C15E(...).png (1 MB, 1668x902) >>2990
Its been many years, but his voice popped right into my head as I was reading this... damnit Raziel
Anonymous 2021/06/03(Thu) 03:41:44 GMT No. 3029
I'm so mad, 4chan.org isn't on waybackmachine archive.
However, 4chan.net is, you can check it out!
The first date from 2003!
Anonymous 2021/06/04(Fri) 03:56:31 GMT No. 3047
Never ever
Anonymous 2021/06/07(Mon) 18:54:10 GMT No. 3107
stolen from heyuri
!EpG4hFCy6s 2021/06/08(Tue) 00:38:56 GMT No. 3110
File: mootxico (1).png (10 KB, 300x100) LOL MOOTXICO
Anonymous 2021/06/10(Thu) 02:16:24 GMT No. 3143
I miss Moot(moot)
Anonymous 2021/06/11(Fri) 01:52:53 GMT No. 3160
No I just edited my own banner, I'd contribute more to heyuri if they fixed /banner/
Anonymous 2021/06/11(Fri) 17:28:17 GMT No. 3170
File: 1593303088061.jpg (34 KB, 279x580) >>3160
How will k*z ever recover
Anonymous 2021/06/16(Wed) 02:58:23 GMT No. 3332
File: 1566763510011.png (118 KB, 419x328) >>3029
mind blown
Anonymous 2021/06/16(Wed) 20:09:53 GMT No. 3345
Anonymous 2021/06/21(Mon) 23:22:24 GMT No. 3542
i meant to say namefagging. im new here and i saw it from a 4chan ad on /bant/. its really off-putting when theres alot of posts by the admin/mods who are too hands-on. its like they want the site to be about themselves instead of letting a natural culture develop

but thats just what i think.
Anonymous 2021/06/21(Mon) 23:23:25 GMT No. 3543
damn it... i posted in the wrong thread on accident.
Anonymous 2021/06/22(Tue) 00:58:46 GMT No. 3549
File: Time Phenomeno(...).swf (9 MB) >>3543
Anonymous 2021/06/23(Wed) 00:30:19 GMT No. 3568
File: Mootico not de(...).png (6 KB, 300x100) New banner!
Also, check this out!


Thanks for you help, Ctrl+Shift+I
Anonymous 2021/06/23(Wed) 01:36:44 GMT No. 3569
Anonymous 2021/06/23(Wed) 01:37:33 GMT No. 3570
File: no time to exp(...).gif (2 MB, 350x262) >>3568

It's been such a long time since I've seen anyone spell it like that, but no cigar.
Anonymous 2021/06/23(Wed) 03:26:46 GMT No. 3576
Crap, i just noticed my mistake haha
But i'm gonna leave it that way because i'm lazy and also for shits and laughs.
Anonymous 2021/06/29(Tue) 15:13:25 GMT No. 3666
File: lain_banner.png (54 KB, 300x100) here's a lain banner haha
Anonymous 2021/06/29(Tue) 22:12:29 GMT No. 3678
File: 1177140011051.jpg (8 KB, 400x439) >>3666
Satanic Lain
Anonymous 2021/06/30(Wed) 02:12:15 GMT No. 3683
Italian Lain
Italian Lain
Anonymous 2021/06/30(Wed) 05:23:52 GMT No. 3695
Italian = Satanic
Anonymous 2021/07/03(Sat) 07:22:20 GMT No. 3771
File: okifde.png (51 KB, 299x99) this is late but how did i do?
Anonymous 2021/07/03(Sat) 09:53:28 GMT No. 3776
Bonus points if you can make it 300x100, other than that, pretty good.
Anonymous 2021/07/03(Sat) 10:04:07 GMT No. 3777
wooooooooot? thank you so much. also cannot get bonus points. i am wayyy too new to this new fangled scaling shit
Anonymous 2021/07/03(Sat) 10:07:40 GMT No. 3779
File: amazingdigits.jpg (119 KB, 801x798) >>3777
Anonymous 2021/07/05(Mon) 00:18:33 GMT No. 3823
File: 1559775582087.gif (1 MB, 245x210) >>3771
Look about right
Anonymous 2021/07/26(Mon) 07:35:18 GMT No. 4211
File: 1123456785.png (30 KB, 300x100) yes
Anonymous 2021/07/26(Mon) 23:25:41 GMT No. 4232
Anonymous 2021/07/26(Mon) 23:26:36 GMT No. 4233
File: fruit.png (254 KB, 504x585) >>4232
Should have been "all your Moot are belong to us" to make it phonetically correct
Anonymous 2021/07/30(Fri) 16:19:27 GMT No. 4295
File: bored_banner_c(...).png (48 KB, 300x100) just made this piece of shit
Anonymous 2021/07/31(Sat) 01:26:24 GMT No. 4307
Now cum on it... please
Anonymous 2021/07/31(Sat) 02:06:51 GMT No. 4310
File: ripped banner.png (21 KB, 300x100) completely original
Anonymous 2021/07/31(Sat) 21:14:17 GMT No. 4316
I like this one. Nice job!
Anonymous ## Admin 2021/08/10(Tue) 02:02:58 GMT No. 4925
File: yotsuba.png (158 KB, 250x521) Thank you to everyone who submitted banners! They've all been added.
We now have a decent number of banners to keep in rotation, so I'm going to unsticky this thread.
Any more submissions will be accepted if posted (this thread, any thread, even IRC).
HONK 2021/08/15(Sun) 02:52:42 GMT No. 4999
File: Lake Mootixo.png (69 KB, 300x100) HONK
Anonymous 2021/08/15(Sun) 08:24:48 GMT No. 5006
File: lightcat.png (736 KB, 1124x758) >>4999
Fucking BIRDS
Anonymous 2021/08/15(Sun) 13:43:04 GMT No. 5009
i love it
Anonymous 2021/09/06(Mon) 17:33:42 GMT No. 5206
File: bannerFUCK.png (71 KB, 300x100) I feel like this should fit this site
Anonymous 2021/09/06(Mon) 17:34:14 GMT No. 5207
File: bannerFUCKKnoc(...).png (62 KB, 300x100) >>5206
Anonymous 2021/09/06(Mon) 18:14:52 GMT No. 5208
File: bannerHereFore(...).png (25 KB, 300x100) You best remember
Anonymous 2021/09/06(Mon) 18:59:30 GMT No. 5209
File: bannerCawk.png (51 KB, 300x100) Korewa?
Anonymous 2021/09/06(Mon) 19:00:09 GMT No. 5210
File: bannerCawkKawa(...).png (51 KB, 300x100) >>5209
Anonymous 2021/09/07(Tue) 01:32:53 GMT No. 5213
Why would this fit the site?
Anonymous 2021/09/07(Tue) 02:33:27 GMT No. 5214
not good
Anonymous ## Admin 2021/09/07(Tue) 04:37:36 GMT No. 5218
Added all the new ones.
Only included one (not both) alternates for any that had two.
Thanks for keeping 'em coming.
Anonymous 2021/09/07(Tue) 14:22:00 GMT No. 5221
Its degenerate
Anonymous 2021/09/08(Wed) 10:09:15 GMT No. 5222
Haven't seen any furry porn here, or much porn for all that matter.
Anonymous 2021/09/08(Wed) 17:45:09 GMT No. 5224
It's only a matter of time
Anonymous 2021/09/09(Thu) 07:31:33 GMT No. 5229
eh, we seem to have pretty good moderation, and tight rules for that sort of thing
Anonymous 2021/09/20(Mon) 16:24:01 GMT No. 5396
it really isnt
Anonymous 2021/10/02(Sat) 02:07:13 GMT No. 5573
File: mootxico.gif (1 MB, 300x100) hmmm

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