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Anonymous Music Thread 2021/08/12(Thu) 15:26:29 GMT No. 4972
File: r2.webm (9 MB, 1920x1080)
Does anyone else like Scorpions?
Virgin Killer is a great album
Anonymous 2021/08/12(Thu) 16:06:43 GMT No. 4973
gargoyle ## Mod 2021/08/12(Thu) 18:07:08 GMT No. 4975
what do you want, faggot?
Anonymous 2021/08/12(Thu) 20:54:27 GMT No. 4976
I like some of their stuff, I don't know if I've ever sat down and listened to a whole album though. I'm more of a UFO guy anyway
Anonymous 2021/08/12(Thu) 21:28:45 GMT No. 4977
File: 619198ca0890be(...).gif (453 KB, 220x188) >>4973
Anonymous 2021/08/13(Fri) 03:50:13 GMT No. 4980
File: 1378696252208.png (246 KB, 570x668) >>4975
Fuck you
Anonymous 2021/08/13(Fri) 11:02:27 GMT No. 4982
I've only heard Belladonna before and it sounds like guns ans roses tbh
Anonymous 2021/08/13(Fri) 21:47:22 GMT No. 4985
Give the live album a try, it's one of my favorites. I like the lead guitarists in the Scorpions, but Michael Schenker is leagues beyond most of the players in his field, I think only Gary Moore is better than him.
Anonymous 2021/08/14(Sat) 20:42:23 GMT No. 4989
File: download.jpeg (62 KB, 600x400) Anyone a fan of these guys? Gives me memories of a better time.
Anonymous 2021/08/14(Sat) 20:48:09 GMT No. 4990
I bought that album from goodwill just a few weeks ago. I think a fair few songs on it are pretty great, but it kinda gets weak towards the end.
Anonymous 2021/08/14(Sat) 23:06:08 GMT No. 4994
File: Speakenglish.jpg (32 KB, 316x316) oh look, thrash metal with discernable lyrics
Anonymous 2021/08/16(Mon) 21:08:30 GMT No. 5027
File: AnAlbum.jpeg (114 KB, 700x713) This makes me feel like I'm playing a beat 'em up in the middle of the street.
Anonymous 2021/08/18(Wed) 23:41:56 GMT No. 5047
File: ytcracker.jpeg (39 KB, 480x320) ytcracker is preddy gud
Anonymous 2021/08/24(Tue) 06:21:12 GMT No. 5096
File: frisbie.jpg (80 KB, 588x595) Does anyone like Heavy Vegetable?
Anonymous 2021/08/25(Wed) 03:47:15 GMT No. 5100
File: IMG_0089.jpg (28 KB, 308x410) picked this up the other day for the cover alone, only listened to a song or two before switching it out.
Anonymous 2021/08/25(Wed) 23:03:39 GMT No. 5113
Sorry to hear you didn't like it. Similar thing happened to me the other day, I picked up Sacrifice by Motorhead cause it had a wicked cover and I was pretty disappointed
Anonymous 2021/09/06(Mon) 16:42:17 GMT No. 5205
File: il_570xN.16944(...).jpg (45 KB, 570x428) If any of you guys like some chill jazz with juicy vibraphone vibes you should check out pic related. Its the perfect sunday morning album imo

These guys always have such a nice tempo in their songs. What other thrash bands do you listen to?
Its rarely I listen to metal nowadays but thrash and death metal from the 80s-early 90s always gets me going.
Anonymous 2021/09/17(Fri) 03:40:06 GMT No. 5359
I've gotten really into Santana in the past week or so, this is one of the best solos I've ever heard
Anonymous 2021/09/24(Fri) 04:57:20 GMT No. 5441
CP on front page
Anonymous 2021/09/24(Fri) 19:56:33 GMT No. 5447
boo hoo
Anonymous 2021/09/27(Mon) 22:13:05 GMT No. 5510
>thrash and death metal from the 80s-early 90s
This is my taste too, plz regomenbd
Anonymous 2021/09/28(Tue) 04:31:04 GMT No. 5512
Ever get into Exodus? Fabulos Disaster was one of my favorite albums before I found out there was more to life than just metal
Anonymous 2021/09/30(Thu) 16:02:08 GMT No. 5537
File: cover.jpg (512 KB, 1508x1501) Ever heard of Country Death?
Anonymous 2021/10/01(Fri) 22:11:46 GMT No. 5568
>thread isn't exclusively avril lavigne music
mootxico i am disappoint
Anonymous 2021/10/01(Fri) 23:23:05 GMT No. 5570
i disappointed your mom when i was fucking her brains out faggot
Anonymous 2021/10/01(Fri) 23:38:51 GMT No. 5571
disappointed her with your tiny dick
Anonymous 2021/10/04(Mon) 08:15:38 GMT No. 5731
File: beatbox.png (420 KB, 715x712) I can't decide between this and Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise as my favorite

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