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Anonymous 2021/09/21(Tue) 19:23:45 GMT No. 5421
File: scooby.jpg (37 KB, 600x315)
alright alright lookey here guy, hear me out. If you jerk off with your dog on your bed is that beastiality? I guess the first question is do you jerk off with a dog on your bed? Now lets say you're going to town on you man meat and your dog jumps up on the bed to sleep. Is it really animal abuse? I mean if you jerked off next to a lady who didn't know initially it would be considered assault. But do those laws extend to a dog? not even laws just ethically, is it wrong to jerk off next to a dog? Do we consider the act of jerking off sex and the dog an active participant?
Anonymous 2021/09/21(Tue) 21:21:09 GMT No. 5422
File: ra.png (106 KB, 275x337) >>5421
In my experience dogs always seem to be interested when humans have sex. I don't have a dog myself, so I can't talk about masturbating with one, but I've had sex with women who own dogs, and the dogs seemed pretty into it.
I do not consider it to be animal abuse, you're not forcing the dog to be there, and it did invade your privacy, it's not like you're in public or anything (right???).
>It would be assault if a woman saw you
yeah, but not if you're in your own house, and the woman just breaks in and sits on your bed.
It's only bestiality if you use the dog as stimulation, or get aroused by the dog specifically.
If I jerk off in my office, which has a framed portrait of Rick Astley, that doesn't mean I'm jacking it to the thought of Rick Astley, he just happens to be there.
Anonymous 2021/09/21(Tue) 22:12:01 GMT No. 5423
File: 1448144830670.jpg (40 KB, 711x669) >>5421
Hold the fucking phone
Why are you fapping in the same room as your dog??
Anonymous 2021/09/21(Tue) 23:08:28 GMT No. 5424
I would imagine in a situation similar to your picture.
Gargoyle !!zbylDiZ4Kw 2021/09/22(Wed) 06:22:47 GMT No. 5426
Gargoyle ## Mod 2021/09/30(Thu) 05:56:26 GMT No. 5531
File: 1631129269777.png (569 KB, 600x525) sage
Anonymous 2021/10/03(Sun) 10:34:50 GMT No. 5613
Gargoyle fucks dogs
If I fuck my dog, and it's a male dog, is that gay?
Anonymous 2021/10/03(Sun) 18:48:38 GMT No. 5683
ok ok ok, but what about jerking off THE dog?
Anonymous 2021/10/03(Sun) 19:15:18 GMT No. 5685
File: SX4KRH7K5L6H7H(...).gif (1 MB, 256x192) >This entire thread
Anonymous 2021/10/03(Sun) 19:18:38 GMT No. 5686
why do you hate dogs bro?
Anonymous 2021/10/03(Sun) 19:28:58 GMT No. 5687
File: flamethower1.gif (175 KB, 692x384) >>5686
Exterminate all dog fuckers
Anonymous 2021/10/03(Sun) 20:44:00 GMT No. 5690
what business is it of yours what i do behind closed doors?
if i want to fuck dogs i should be able to
just let us live
Anonymous 2021/10/04(Mon) 00:28:21 GMT No. 5710
Well too bad you go around shouting it on the Internet then. Here you don't get to live and fester.
Anonymous 2021/10/04(Mon) 00:41:38 GMT No. 5712
Just don't be like the guy I knew that's in jail now for CP and recording sexual acts with his dog
Anonymous 2021/10/04(Mon) 01:06:41 GMT No. 5718
i now demand dog fucking pride marches
Anonymous 2021/10/04(Mon) 06:39:13 GMT No. 5730
how's florida?
Anonymous 2021/10/04(Mon) 10:54:48 GMT No. 5733
Still got the videos?
send if so
Anonymous 2021/10/04(Mon) 12:56:36 GMT No. 5736
if I jerked off in my office which had a framed portrait of Rick Astley I would turn the portrait around before I started jerking off
Anonymous 2021/10/04(Mon) 14:48:21 GMT No. 5737
but he promised me that he's never gonna turn around

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