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Anonymous 2021/04/27(Tue) 18:36:20 GMT No. /lol/2454
File: love-love_6.jpg (171 KB, 2220x1248)
oh my god i hate boats so much. i can not even fathom why someone would ever think even for a second that boats are superior to any other form of transportation. of all they ways of transportation we have such as planes going hundreds of mile per hour and someone thinks "hmm yes i want to be on a piece of wood going 5mph and getting sea sick. jesus fuck might as well just swim. if i was told i needed to get across the ocean only by boat i would drain the god damn sea and fucking walk. nothing cool goes on in the sea anyway. fuck fish, think think they can get off easy? fuck no. boats are just giant fish that float, and i FUCKING HATE BOATS.
Anonymous 2021/04/27(Tue) 18:47:10 GMT No. /lol/2455
Well said, people who like boats are such faggots. "Oh yeah I love living in the stone age." JUST BUY A PLANE TICKET YOU FUCKING BUM
Anonymous 2021/04/27(Tue) 22:34:53 GMT No. /lol/2457
File: pirates.png (417 KB, 550x364) >>2454
Lol landlubber fag
Anonymous 2021/04/27(Tue) 22:56:38 GMT No. /lol/2458
File: pirates.jpg (94 KB, 620x349) >>2454
YWNBAP (you will never be a pirate)
Anonymous 2021/04/28(Wed) 07:02:30 GMT No. /lol/2463
I see the landlubber is angry
Anonymous 2021/04/28(Wed) 23:01:32 GMT No. /lol/2470
File: piratelol.gif (1 MB, 300x206) >>2454
lol @ these non-swashbucklers
Anonymous 2021/04/29(Thu) 03:15:55 GMT No. /lol/2477
File: ahey.gif (592 KB, 445x250) >>2455
What's the matter bilge rat SCUM, you can't handle mother sea's sweet embrace?
Anonymous 2021/04/29(Thu) 17:53:25 GMT No. /lol/2487
File: SubwayGang.gif (334 KB, 480x309) >>2454
Y'all talking shit about boats in New York I will put some crackheads, preachers, and musicians on your ass and that's on the L

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