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New hobbies board!

by LongFag @ 10:59PM, 09 Jan 2023

1 new boards have been created:

- /hob/ - Hobbies

This board is meant to house specific hobby threads, such as Drawing, Anime, Tabletop, Video Games, Do-it-Yourself projects and anything else that can be considered hobbies (shitposting is not a valid hobby!) Feel free to post multiple threads for variants of your hobbies if you want.

Do remember that /lol/ - Internet is our ANYTHING GOES random board so threads that fit on /hob/ can also freely be posted on /lol/.

Happy new years to all of you anons, happy 11111th post and happy shitposting! And as always; if you have any feedback, criticism, ideas or just want to talk then join our IRC channel at #mootxico @

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