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by Barry @ 3:37PM, 20 Sep 2021

It's been 1 year since Longcat's death, and therefore 1 year since Mootxico's foundation. To commemorate the event, we're adding a Longcat to every thread that will grow as long as the thread does.

We're also allowing more user choice over their browsing experience with the Settings Menu. In the top left of each page, you have a new menu button that allows you to access and change your settings. Don't forget to save them after you make changes.

We're also adding (for now) a limited mobile view. Those of you who wish to browse Mootxico from your phones need be redirected to the eBay 'used computer' section no more. You can now view the site from mobile devices. You can post replies, but currently you cannot post threads. You may only post text, no files.

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