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LongFag ## Admin Hobbies 2023/01/09(Mon) 20:51:05 GMT No. 2 [Reply]
File: dungeons-and-d(...).jpg (67 KB, 780x585) This board is for the discussion of your hobbies. Also, nice 1 GET.
Anonymous Vidya thread 2023/01/17(Tue) 20:17:04 GMT No. 38 [Reply]
File: Elderscrolls.jfif (138 KB, 1280x1024) What are you playing? For me its Elder Scrolls Oblivion.
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Anonymous 2023/01/23(Mon) 19:51:19 GMT No. 58
downloaded DeSmuME again and playing old nintendo DS classics from my childhood
currently "Orcs and Elves" really basic, but i love it
Anonymous 2023/01/25(Wed) 11:02:18 GMT No. 77
Ultima Underworld
Anonymous 2023/03/19(Sun) 19:26:44 GMT No. 119
File: 16679291094(...).png (531 KB, 529x424)
I fucking love Oblivion. It's my favorite game despite all its flaws. Great atmosphere.

Anonymous Cosplay 2023/01/09(Mon) 08:54:48 GMT No. 1 [Reply]
File: goatse.jpg (20 KB, 480x360) 1 GET
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Anonymous 2023/01/28(Sat) 18:09:58 GMT No. 83
nah he's cool
hiroyuki !3SHRUNYAXA 2023/03/07(Tue) 20:58:33 GMT No. 117
File: anime nah n(...).gif (497 KB, 240x180)
Anonymous 2023/03/08(Wed) 22:19:19 GMT No. 118
File: 1557601265518.jpg (55 KB, 700x693)
Anonymous Cars 2023/01/14(Sat) 03:11:31 GMT No. 34 [Reply]
File: airbox.png (9 MB, 2560x1920) Does anyone else enjoy working on cars and driving in general? Post your current/past projects and share driving stories.

Picture is related to my current repair work: high pressure steering hose on a jdm. The shit's put in so wonky that I had to take out the airbox to see the top of the thing. It's pissing out power steering fluid and I'm waiting on a part to come in so I can continue work.
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Anonymous 2023/01/31(Tue) 03:43:01 GMT No. 88
File: steering fuck.jpg (2 MB, 3267x2450)
update on the car:
Fuck aftermarket parts. This steering line took SEVEN hours to put in with all the fuckery of the canted banjo bolts and inexperience on my part. I didn't even get to tune up anything.
Anonymous 2023/02/16(Thu) 05:15:11 GMT No. 102
how did the wiper turn out?
Anonymous 2023/03/06(Mon) 01:35:43 GMT No. 116
i jammed it in place and it works again

Anonymous underrated video games 2023/01/23(Mon) 19:47:40 GMT No. 57 [Reply]
File: Orcs_&_Elv(...).jpg (26 KB, 333x298) I love this game, it is basic af but I love it so much
probably because i played it when i was but a little lad, but still
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Anonymous 2023/02/28(Tue) 11:26:28 GMT No. 113
fuck off retard
Anonymous 2023/03/05(Sun) 19:18:34 GMT No. 114
he's not quoting, he's just roleplaying as himself
Anonymous 2023/03/05(Sun) 22:13:52 GMT No. 115
Speaking more about Twisted Pixel, did anyone ever play "The Maw?" I played a demo of 'Splosion Man and partway through this game(I was too lazy to apply myself to finishing it back then), but never even touched that release of theirs.
Modern Web 3.0 CitizenOfTheWeb Game Dev 2023/01/23(Mon) 16:20:36 GMT No. 51 [Reply]
File: sherwell.PNG (84 KB, 1602x944) Anybody else here making their own vidya?
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BN34 2023/02/24(Fri) 00:04:36 GMT No. 105
that's very cute anon, i'm soon going to start making mine as well.
Anonymous 2023/02/24(Fri) 02:37:16 GMT No. 106
With 3D, couldn't you do some pre-rendered sprites like in Donkey Kong Country?
Anonymous 2023/02/27(Mon) 03:54:23 GMT No. 110
Yes and a lot of 2D games have done this, but why not just make a 3D game if you're working in 3D already.

Anonymous New Here 2023/01/23(Mon) 11:20:39 GMT No. 48 [Reply]
File: collage.png (677 KB, 2444x2556) Hi. I like drawing monsters and characters, they have no story though.
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Anonymous 2023/02/24(Fri) 02:41:01 GMT No. 107
Is this the drawthread for the board?
Anonymous 2023/02/24(Fri) 15:23:21 GMT No. 108
Anonymous 2023/02/24(Fri) 15:32:48 GMT No. 109
disregard that i suck cock
Anonymous 2023/02/15(Wed) 05:39:45 GMT No. 100 [Reply]
File: hmmm.jpeg (80 KB, 882x547) What do my mootxibro's think of GPT? Is it going to kill us all and take our jobs?
Anonymous 2023/02/15(Wed) 23:19:04 GMT No. 101
I have exactly 0 idea what that is.
Sounds gay
Anonymous 2023/02/17(Fri) 00:11:37 GMT No. 104
The code generation, ability to write boring generic texts and answer general questions might take some low tier programming, writing and support jobs. Could perhaps create new careers for prompt curators since a computer can't really understand what "quality" is, but the low threshold for quality these days might make the masses just eat up auto prompted garbage.
Not really world ending to me, but it could end up flooding the market with low quality work if used improperly.

Anonymous 2023/01/30(Mon) 04:11:11 GMT No. 86 [Reply]
File: justin.png (489 KB, 516x542) guitar thread
Anonymous 2023/02/01(Wed) 05:07:36 GMT No. 89
My band is playing at a snowboarding competition at my university. Mostly covers and a few originals. Still trying to lock down a bass player, but if we don't we decided I'd just plug in a bass with a fuzz pedal and we'd jam for an hour.
Anonymous 2023/02/06(Mon) 00:10:25 GMT No. 90
trying to learn some Mastodon and Chicks Dig Giant Robots on bass
Anonymous 2023/02/11(Sat) 18:49:58 GMT No. 96
File: punk cat.gif (1 MB, 498x498)
I just play the same simple 3-4 chord rock and roll powerchord type songs whenever I pick it up, kudos to you skilled licksters out there
Anonymous /Hobbits/ 2023/01/28(Sat) 05:24:44 GMT No. 79 [Reply]
File: HOBBIT.webp (170 KB, 1592x2400) >Sees /Hob/

Thank god a board for hobbits. Talk to me my fellow hobbits.
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­ 2023/01/28(Sat) 12:15:36 GMT No. 81
Who are you quoting?
Anonymous 2023/01/28(Sat) 16:39:17 GMT No. 82
Look! Elves!
xXH0NKXx !O7hBnUuEdQ 2023/01/29(Sun) 03:20:50 GMT No. 85
File: ORC.jpg (101 KB, 976x549)
Look here Orc scum, when I am done with your masters cock ring your finished.

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