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LongFag ## Admin Hobbies 2023/01/09(Mon) 20:51:05 GMT No. 2 [Reply]
File: dungeons-and-d(...).jpg (67 KB, 780x585) This board is for the discussion of your hobbies. Also, nice 1 GET.
Anonymous 2023/01/30(Mon) 04:11:11 GMT No. 86 [Reply]
File: justin.png (489 KB, 516x542) guitar thread
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Anonymous 2023/02/06(Mon) 00:10:25 GMT No. 90
trying to learn some Mastodon and Chicks Dig Giant Robots on bass
Anonymous 2023/02/11(Sat) 18:49:58 GMT No. 96
File: punk cat.gif (1 MB, 498x498)
I just play the same simple 3-4 chord rock and roll powerchord type songs whenever I pick it up, kudos to you skilled licksters out there
Anonymous 2024/06/12(Wed) 18:21:46 GMT No. 666
File: Cover.jpg (41 KB, 316x316)

Anonymous New Here 2023/01/23(Mon) 11:20:39 GMT No. 48 [Reply]
File: collage.png (677 KB, 2444x2556) Hi. I like drawing monsters and characters, they have no story though.
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Anonymous 2024/02/10(Sat) 04:17:33 GMT No. 508
Show us what you worked on, and don't back down.
Anonymous 2024/05/23(Thu) 00:51:00 GMT No. 656
I'm choosing the latter, none of my ideas are worth a quality depiction.
Anonymous 2024/06/12(Wed) 18:15:09 GMT No. 665
dont't be gay
Anonymous 2023/01/10(Tue) 15:28:40 GMT No. 12 [Reply]
File: 1554732184620.jpg (136 KB, 500x500) im twelv and wat dis?

You will invoke the wrath of staff
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Anonymous 2023/01/13(Fri) 04:49:04 GMT No. 32
Anonymous 2023/01/13(Fri) 05:24:48 GMT No. 33
Anonymous 2024/06/12(Wed) 01:36:55 GMT No. 664
im 8 wat dis????

Anonymous 2023/04/21(Fri) 21:23:02 GMT No. 130 [Reply]
File: The Patchy.png (2 MB, 1920x1452) Check out my books they are over 9000 and full of those mudkipz u kids like so much!!!1 :-)

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Anonymous 2023/05/27(Sat) 04:53:26 GMT No. 148
I try my best
Anonymous 2023/07/01(Sat) 01:16:14 GMT No. 156
File: the anger w(...).png (543 KB, 670x583)
Your best SUCKS
Anonymous 2024/06/12(Wed) 00:41:52 GMT No. 663
File: osama.jpg (42 KB, 460x316)
Anonymous Arcade Titles 2024/06/03(Mon) 21:21:28 GMT No. 658 [Reply]
File: venom-spiderma(...).gif (203 KB, 250x177) Que ondas mootxicanos, this board always seemed like untapped potential so I'll try and be the change sort of thing. Anyway what are some of your favorite arcade titles? Console faggots go home or go break some change. For me, stuff like pac-man, galaga and other games like that were fun, but the real fun was the multiplayer/co-op stuff. Growing up it felt like every bowling alley had some form of Time Crisis lying around someplace. My brothers and I would just sink hours into games like that just competing over scores. There was a four player fantasy game I used to love playing at the arcade but I can never remember what it was called. I also had one of those cheap Namco arcade collection joysticks that you'd plug into the TV. Namco peaked with fucking dig dug and mappy and everything since has been utter dogshit. The Marvel Vs Capcom series really captured my imagination as a child. To this day they are still among my favorite games. The tag mechanics allow for a preposterous amount of creativity and unique scenarios. When it comes to Marvel 2 and 3, the experience of finding a team of characters you like and them getting good with them is so much more subjective than most other fighting games. Truly an experience that can not be found anywhere else.
Anonymous 2024/06/03(Mon) 21:26:43 GMT No. 659
File: tumblr_n6lq(...).gif (312 KB, 624x384)
Although usually when it comes to fighting games I have a bias towards capcoms games. However SNK beats them in the looks department, especially when it comes to stages and backgrounds. SNK's fighting game stages are just gorgeous with some stages progressing through phases but with more variables then simply going from day to night. Garou: Mark of the Wolves is the pinnacle of sprite based animation I'm willing t knife fight anyone that disagrees.

Anonymous Writing Thread 2023/01/10(Tue) 00:28:11 GMT No. 5 [Reply]
File: 7b61397a71f27f(...).jpg (82 KB, 829x828) Discuss things you're writing.
Winrar if they're stories.
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Anonymous 2024/05/05(Sun) 00:33:39 GMT No. 652
I simply can't describe settings. People look at me like I'm retarded when I try. Imitation seems to make it worse.
Anonymous 2024/05/15(Wed) 19:28:28 GMT No. 654
File: tegaki_2024(...).png (33 KB, 512x512)
My diary, but is pretty borriing
Anonymous 2024/05/31(Fri) 16:42:36 GMT No. 657
i am very sorry for stealing your idea you can have it back
skb MMA/boxing 2024/04/16(Tue) 23:40:58 GMT No. 649 [Reply]
File: mixedmmawomans.jpg (15 KB, 170x255) currently have been obsessing over boxing recently, as well as kickboxing, and have been binge watching old UFC fighttttsss....anyone else?
Anonymous 2024/04/18(Thu) 10:10:34 GMT No. 650
I enjoy training boxing so fucking much but I just don't want to be retarded. Oh well.
Anonymous 2024/05/12(Sun) 21:10:51 GMT No. 653
I enjoy watching old MMA fights too. Ones from the 90s. Anything past that is boring.
Anonymous 2024/05/15(Wed) 23:41:58 GMT No. 655
I pretty much only watch different types of fencing. Olympic, HEMA, kendo, anything to scratch that itch

Anonymous Minecraft 2023/04/16(Sun) 23:04:28 GMT No. 128 [Reply]
File: alpha.jpg (164 KB, 1200x675) Don't you guys think that there should be a minecraft server for mootxi.co?
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Anonymous 2024/02/14(Wed) 18:39:37 GMT No. 509
That's not a bad idea.
Now that the default game is separated from the engine, maybe good stuff will happen...
Anonymous 2024/04/08(Mon) 02:27:11 GMT No. 647
It isn't as good as minecraft just yet, maybe in a year or so but for now Minecraft would probably work out better

What version should it be BTW? I know some people like the new stuff but older versions might have better mods or fit the theme of the site better
Anonymous 2024/04/08(Mon) 15:37:00 GMT No. 648
i just tried minetest and compared to a couple years ago it seems better but it's still far from minecraft
Anonymous Paintball 2023/08/09(Wed) 17:45:27 GMT No. 226 [Reply]
File: 2005 time caps(...).jpg (79 KB, 576x768) Does anyone here play paintball or has in the past?

I played a couple times years and years ago, and it seems like paintball had its heyday from the late ninties into the mid two-thousands.
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Anonymous 2024/03/12(Tue) 03:07:57 GMT No. 629
I'm sure there's fun to be had in pretending to be military, but these guys take the GAME very seriously, barking orders and the likes. I'm sure the wannabe soldiers get hard-ons from being spoken to by their perceived betters.
Anonymous 2024/03/13(Wed) 19:56:51 GMT No. 633
Do they actually win or get anywhere from the orders, or are they too retarded for that?
Anonymous 2024/04/08(Mon) 02:20:11 GMT No. 646
1 on 1 airsoft battles with someone you know can be pretty fun if you have a good spot, and you don't need to clean up after like paintball guns

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