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The stories and information posted here are autistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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LongFag ## Admin Hobbies 2023/01/09(Mon) 20:51:05 GMT No. 2 [Reply]
File: dungeons-and-d(...).jpg (67 KB, 780x585) This board is for the discussion of your hobbies. Also, nice 1 GET.
Anonymous 2023/01/24(Tue) 03:19:01 GMT No. 64 [Reply]
File: assembooru.png (22 KB, 425x375) Programming thread. For the autistic ones

Any language or project type welcome, because I don't know what people do around here
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Anonymous 2023/01/24(Tue) 03:43:24 GMT No. 69

rcx = characterintostringwhichyouwant
lea rbx, [rel string]
mov al, [rbx+rcx]
Anonymous 2023/01/24(Tue) 15:17:22 GMT No. 71
File: dword.png (2 KB, 159x25)
I wanted to change the compiler of a scripting language to support static typing but I think I might be too stupid.
Anonymous 2023/06/08(Thu) 07:30:42 GMT No. 149
I went from an interpreted scripting langs Python & NodeJS, to learning system programming langs like C and Zig, only to go back to Python and NodeJS... idk I can't seem to think of any good projects to use systems langs other than simple HTTP servers. Forever a webshitter I guess.

Anonymous 2023/04/21(Fri) 21:23:02 GMT No. 130 [Reply]
File: The Patchy.png (2 MB, 1920x1452) Check out my books they are over 9000 and full of those mudkipz u kids like so much!!!1 :-)

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Anonymous 2023/05/10(Wed) 03:59:00 GMT No. 140
bumpan this 1 time and only once
they are on AmaZOG too if you'd like to support me, it's very appreciated if you do. Hope that my craziness brings much laughter to you, Anon
golgolmois !4ng6G3vsxA 2023/05/21(Sun) 10:10:13 GMT No. 146
File: i (2).png (619 KB, 632x632)
these books are mediocre at best
Anonymous 2023/05/27(Sat) 04:53:26 GMT No. 148
I try my best
Anonymous Bully (Videogame) 2023/05/03(Wed) 08:11:39 GMT No. 136 [Reply]
File: beat_rice.png (971 KB, 945x708) I have a fetish for getting hit in the balls, and I think I got it from playing this game when I was four.
Did you ever play this game?
Anonymous 2023/05/05(Fri) 01:19:57 GMT No. 137
I deeply enjoy its and Yakuza's combat system. Also like that it didn't make a big deal about the main character being a queer or whatever(hell, that might not even be canon)
Anonymous 2023/05/26(Fri) 19:24:59 GMT No. 147
Oh yeah, you can kiss guys.

Anonymous Minecraft 2023/04/16(Sun) 23:04:28 GMT No. 128 [Reply]
File: alpha.jpg (164 KB, 1200x675) Don't you guys think that there should be a minecraft server for mootxi.co?
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Anonymous 2023/04/22(Sat) 19:47:01 GMT No. 132
I haven't played Minecraft in years. I last played it when it was a browser game. They added crafting? what the fuck.
Anonymous 2023/05/17(Wed) 06:29:58 GMT No. 144
yeah they added mining too, crazy world out there
golgolmois !4ng6G3vsxA 2023/05/21(Sun) 10:07:49 GMT No. 145
File: 16844253938(...).png (255 KB, 668x606)
There should be a minecraft server but only 2 people will play on it, probably.
Anonymous Voice Acting/Impressions 2023/03/26(Sun) 02:15:59 GMT No. 120 [Reply]
File: INeeduuuuuuhTh(...).png (159 KB, 1041x883) Post some of the voices that you people can do, and what you've done with them.

This is from a project I started but never had the creative spark to finish:
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Anonymous 2023/05/11(Thu) 21:14:02 GMT No. 141
File: aspie1.jpg (220 KB, 886x1254)
Anonymous 2023/05/13(Sat) 01:04:04 GMT No. 142
What would you even call this? SPERGED? TARDED?
Anonymous 2023/05/13(Sat) 04:29:05 GMT No. 143
I have zero idea what this fetish is about beyond being based on humiliation

Anonymous Suzumiya Haruhi 2023/01/10(Tue) 02:41:39 GMT No. 8 [Reply]
File: mags.png (938 KB, 1280x720) The 8 thread!
Anonymous 2023/03/29(Wed) 17:25:50 GMT No. 125
but is it endless?

>not first time on site
>first post
truly devilish
Anonymous 2023/03/29(Wed) 23:23:24 GMT No. 126
File: angry non sosu.png (159 KB, 419x351)
Anonymous Vidya thread 2023/01/17(Tue) 20:17:04 GMT No. 38 [Reply]
File: Elderscrolls.jfif (138 KB, 1280x1024) What are you playing? For me its Elder Scrolls Oblivion.
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Anonymous 2023/01/23(Mon) 19:51:19 GMT No. 58
downloaded DeSmuME again and playing old nintendo DS classics from my childhood
currently "Orcs and Elves" really basic, but i love it
Anonymous 2023/01/25(Wed) 11:02:18 GMT No. 77
Ultima Underworld
Anonymous 2023/03/19(Sun) 19:26:44 GMT No. 119
File: 16679291094(...).png (531 KB, 529x424)
I fucking love Oblivion. It's my favorite game despite all its flaws. Great atmosphere.

Anonymous Cosplay 2023/01/09(Mon) 08:54:48 GMT No. 1 [Reply]
File: goatse.jpg (20 KB, 480x360) 1 GET
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Anonymous 2023/01/28(Sat) 18:09:58 GMT No. 83
nah he's cool
hiroyuki !3SHRUNYAXA 2023/03/07(Tue) 20:58:33 GMT No. 117
File: anime nah n(...).gif (497 KB, 240x180)
Anonymous 2023/03/08(Wed) 22:19:19 GMT No. 118
File: 1557601265518.jpg (55 KB, 700x693)
Anonymous Cars 2023/01/14(Sat) 03:11:31 GMT No. 34 [Reply]
File: airbox.png (9 MB, 2560x1920) Does anyone else enjoy working on cars and driving in general? Post your current/past projects and share driving stories.

Picture is related to my current repair work: high pressure steering hose on a jdm. The shit's put in so wonky that I had to take out the airbox to see the top of the thing. It's pissing out power steering fluid and I'm waiting on a part to come in so I can continue work.
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Anonymous 2023/01/31(Tue) 03:43:01 GMT No. 88
File: steering fuck.jpg (2 MB, 3267x2450)
update on the car:
Fuck aftermarket parts. This steering line took SEVEN hours to put in with all the fuckery of the canted banjo bolts and inexperience on my part. I didn't even get to tune up anything.
Anonymous 2023/02/16(Thu) 05:15:11 GMT No. 102
how did the wiper turn out?
Anonymous 2023/03/06(Mon) 01:35:43 GMT No. 116
i jammed it in place and it works again

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