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LongFag ## Admin Hobbies 2023/01/09(Mon) 20:51:05 GMT No. 2 [Reply]
File: dungeons-and-d(...).jpg (67 KB, 780x585) This board is for the discussion of your hobbies. Also, nice 1 GET.
Anonymous New Here 2023/01/23(Mon) 11:20:39 GMT No. 48 [Reply]
File: collage.png (677 KB, 2444x2556) Hi. I like drawing monsters and characters, they have no story though.
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Anonymous 2024/02/07(Wed) 09:45:53 GMT No. 506
I was making a lore sheet for each of these but got overwhelmed D:
Anonymous 2024/02/10(Sat) 04:17:33 GMT No. 508
Show us what you worked on, and don't back down.
Anonymous 2024/05/23(Thu) 00:51:00 GMT No. 656
I'm choosing the latter, none of my ideas are worth a quality depiction.

skb MMA/boxing 2024/04/16(Tue) 23:40:58 GMT No. 649 [Reply]
File: mixedmmawomans.jpg (15 KB, 170x255) currently have been obsessing over boxing recently, as well as kickboxing, and have been binge watching old UFC fighttttsss....anyone else?
Anonymous 2024/04/18(Thu) 10:10:34 GMT No. 650
I enjoy training boxing so fucking much but I just don't want to be retarded. Oh well.
Anonymous 2024/05/12(Sun) 21:10:51 GMT No. 653
I enjoy watching old MMA fights too. Ones from the 90s. Anything past that is boring.
Anonymous 2024/05/15(Wed) 23:41:58 GMT No. 655
I pretty much only watch different types of fencing. Olympic, HEMA, kendo, anything to scratch that itch
Anonymous Writing Thread 2023/01/10(Tue) 00:28:11 GMT No. 5 [Reply]
File: 7b61397a71f27f(...).jpg (82 KB, 829x828) Discuss things you're writing.
Winrar if they're stories.
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Anonymous 2024/04/02(Tue) 21:51:56 GMT No. 645
File: 1653852593357.png (8 KB, 346x357)
Anonymous 2024/05/05(Sun) 00:33:39 GMT No. 652
I simply can't describe settings. People look at me like I'm retarded when I try. Imitation seems to make it worse.
Anonymous 2024/05/15(Wed) 19:28:28 GMT No. 654
File: tegaki_2024(...).png (33 KB, 512x512)
My diary, but is pretty borriing

Anonymous Minecraft 2023/04/16(Sun) 23:04:28 GMT No. 128 [Reply]
File: alpha.jpg (164 KB, 1200x675) Don't you guys think that there should be a minecraft server for mootxi.co?
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Anonymous 2024/02/14(Wed) 18:39:37 GMT No. 509
That's not a bad idea.
Now that the default game is separated from the engine, maybe good stuff will happen...
Anonymous 2024/04/08(Mon) 02:27:11 GMT No. 647
It isn't as good as minecraft just yet, maybe in a year or so but for now Minecraft would probably work out better

What version should it be BTW? I know some people like the new stuff but older versions might have better mods or fit the theme of the site better
Anonymous 2024/04/08(Mon) 15:37:00 GMT No. 648
i just tried minetest and compared to a couple years ago it seems better but it's still far from minecraft
Anonymous Paintball 2023/08/09(Wed) 17:45:27 GMT No. 226 [Reply]
File: 2005 time caps(...).jpg (79 KB, 576x768) Does anyone here play paintball or has in the past?

I played a couple times years and years ago, and it seems like paintball had its heyday from the late ninties into the mid two-thousands.
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Anonymous 2024/03/12(Tue) 03:07:57 GMT No. 629
I'm sure there's fun to be had in pretending to be military, but these guys take the GAME very seriously, barking orders and the likes. I'm sure the wannabe soldiers get hard-ons from being spoken to by their perceived betters.
Anonymous 2024/03/13(Wed) 19:56:51 GMT No. 633
Do they actually win or get anywhere from the orders, or are they too retarded for that?
Anonymous 2024/04/08(Mon) 02:20:11 GMT No. 646
1 on 1 airsoft battles with someone you know can be pretty fun if you have a good spot, and you don't need to clean up after like paintball guns

Anonymous Vidya thread 2023/01/17(Tue) 20:17:04 GMT No. 38 [Reply]
File: Elderscrolls.jfif (138 KB, 1280x1024) What are you playing? For me its Elder Scrolls Oblivion.
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Anonymous 2024/01/19(Fri) 06:53:14 GMT No. 422
File: mudkyp.jpg (1 MB, 2591x1630)
I got to play ITG a couple weeks ago. It's really fun stuff, but I couldn't figure out how to make the song listing/organization better
Anonymous 2024/02/19(Mon) 22:22:39 GMT No. 566
Playing Road Rash Jailbreak in Time Trial mode, trying to beat my old scores. Co-op is much more fun, but my roommate doesn't like racing gaems.
Anonymous 2024/03/26(Tue) 17:23:31 GMT No. 640
what's your favourite style? mine is royalguard
Anonymous 2023/10/16(Mon) 02:47:06 GMT No. 296 [Reply]
File: PlayStation.gif (122 KB, 500x288) What were your fav PS2 games? Mine were Spiderman, Wall-E, and Bully. Games are not very fun to me, but as a kid I really enjoyed those.
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Anonymous 2023/12/18(Mon) 08:32:23 GMT No. 408
The Tenkaichi games were SHIT! Budokai 3 is the best DBZ game of all time.
Anonymous 2024/01/05(Fri) 04:54:00 GMT No. 417
I was more into PS1 (spyro, crash bandicoot, i forget what else)

on ps2 just gtaIII, what a game.
12_oatmeal 2024/03/21(Thu) 06:34:36 GMT No. 639
The budokai games are fun but extremely overrated it's obvious the best dbz game is fighterz

tbh ## Mod 2023/11/04(Sat) 01:06:40 GMT No. 371 [Reply]
File: FEC.jpg (54 KB, 455x493) i accidentally the whole coding thread desu
Anonymous 2024/02/07(Wed) 09:46:38 GMT No. 507
Anonymous 2024/02/21(Wed) 07:21:02 GMT No. 567
デス = Death
です = DESU
Learn the difference. It could save your life.
tbh ## Mod 2024/02/23(Fri) 23:46:22 GMT No. 568
File: 5a3893dfb58(...).jpg (27 KB, 250x282)
desu note
Anonymous Global Rule #8 2024/01/31(Wed) 00:53:26 GMT No. 428 [Reply]
File: Untitled.png (31 KB, 150x179) I like camping.

I like camping even in cold weather, where you have to make a fire to stay warm, cook your meals on that fire, and do activities to keep you from freezing.

I also enjoy camping without a car. The type where you have a backpack and that's all you can take with you because you are hiking until you can't anymore. Then setting up camp by unpacking your bag.

Basically, I like not having a ton of people around, but also like having "guys" time to hang out and bond. Though, mostly, I like solitude. Birds. Deer. Etc.
Anonymous 2024/02/02(Fri) 02:36:08 GMT No. 503
I like camping. I especially like camping when its raining. Its really uncomfortable until you get set up, then its ultra comfy.
Anonymous 2024/02/07(Wed) 08:28:38 GMT No. 505
File: montain.jpg (593 KB, 2151x1613)
Camping is really fun for me. I went last year; I definitely hard to drive to get there and it was at a state campsite so there was close parking, but it was still nice. I also get the desire to want to be away from people yet wanting to know that they're there.
Anonymous 2024/02/19(Mon) 22:14:31 GMT No. 565
File: mont.jpg (474 KB, 1280x960)
I rarely go camping, the last time was about 4 years ago. But it was pretty fun for sure. Here's a pic from mountains.

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