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LongFag ## Admin Hobbies 2023/01/09(Mon) 20:51:05 GMT No. 2 [Reply]
File: dungeons-and-d(...).jpg (67 KB, 780x585) This board is for the discussion of your hobbies. Also, nice 1 GET.
Anonymous Vidya thread 2023/01/17(Tue) 20:17:04 GMT No. 38 [Reply]
File: Elderscrolls.jfif (138 KB, 1280x1024) What are you playing? For me its Elder Scrolls Oblivion.
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Anonymous 2023/09/05(Tue) 02:05:50 GMT No. 245
Somehow, graphics are worse than games from 20 years ago. I hate when muh retro games do this. Trying to emulate the feeling of old games by wilfully making your own game look like crap (when old game devs did everything they could to make their game look as good as they possibly could at the time) just feels like laziness.

That being said
How's the gameplay itself? I keep hearing about the game, but I'm put off by its looks (obviously)
Anonymous 2023/09/10(Sun) 23:22:46 GMT No. 249
the monster girl mod for oblivion is an important mod and a landmark for any modding pilgrim
Anonymous 2023/09/24(Sun) 21:52:38 GMT No. 283
File: 5iofcl8lqc0.jpg (50 KB, 500x500)
>How's the gameplay itself?
The controls in the game are fucking pleasant, all the mechanics of movement and shooting are smooth and work like clockwork, you get used to it very quickly, also gameplay itself is dymanic and fast. But at its core, it’s nothing special: you kill everything in your path and look for the keys (there're also some funny special features tied to certain levels, but I wouldn't like spoilering). I like that nothing is overloaded, there are about 10 types of weapons in the game (not counting various throwable objects), and each is tailored to the right situation and has its own features (although you quickly throw sickles and a pistol into the trash, they are needed only as a starting arsenal).
I dunno, I really loved the style. Those low-poly textures evokes pleasant sensations in me, bringing back memories of games mostly from the PS1 era. The design as a whole is tasteful. Although the emphasis is on faded and gray colors, the very correct and rare use of glows and effects makes incredibly rich accents where they are needed.

Anonymous 2023/09/23(Sat) 20:03:20 GMT No. 281 [Reply]
File: Blow-Job-Jitsu.png (579 KB, 900x339) A random blue belt in BJJ could go back in time and pretty win the olympics of wrestling.
Anonymous 2023/09/24(Sun) 15:13:07 GMT No. 282
Blow Job Jerry? That's a nickname I haven't heard in a while.
Anonymous Suzumiya Haruhi 2023/01/10(Tue) 02:41:39 GMT No. 8 [Reply]
File: mags.png (938 KB, 1280x720) The 8 thread!
Anonymous 2023/03/29(Wed) 17:25:50 GMT No. 125
but is it endless?

>not first time on site
>first post
truly devilish
Anonymous 2023/03/29(Wed) 23:23:24 GMT No. 126
File: angry non sosu.png (159 KB, 419x351)
Anonymous 2023/09/16(Sat) 17:33:55 GMT No. 251
File: 16911618907(...).jpg (533 KB, 2048x2048)
haruhi and kyon ! ! !

Anonymous Writing Thread 2023/01/10(Tue) 00:28:11 GMT No. 5 [Reply]
File: 7b61397a71f27f(...).jpg (82 KB, 829x828) Discuss things you're writing.
Winrar if they're stories.
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Anonymous 2023/08/29(Tue) 02:55:57 GMT No. 242
I'd also like to say that Scout hates when all his brothers' dads recognize him because they always end up kind of salty that they didn't manage to make it work and take it out on him. That
Anonymous 2023/09/06(Wed) 14:02:30 GMT No. 248
For almost 4 years I've been working on this horror-comedy project about an organisation that deals with cryptids and such.
Anonymous 2023/09/11(Mon) 03:13:49 GMT No. 250
I like that.

Do you plan for it to be a TV show?
Anonymous Top Tier Vavle Games 2023/08/27(Sun) 06:50:11 GMT No. 239 [Reply]
File: Demoman.gif (3 MB, 498x280) >Portal
>Portal 2
>Team Fortress 2
>Left For Dead 2
Anonymous 2023/08/28(Mon) 13:22:07 GMT No. 240
I'd swap Portal with Portal 2
Gonna let bias blind me and say Alien Swarm is such a good game. I'd place it near tf2.
Anonymous 2023/09/05(Tue) 05:29:48 GMT No. 246
Every single time I tried playing Alien Swarm recently it was dead with 0 servers. Not too long after Reactive Drop dropped, I was able to find 1 server and play with some Japanese people from the heights of my 300ms ping. It didn't go very well for me or my team.

It's crazy to me that such a dead game is still being updated and worked on.
Anonymous 2023/09/05(Tue) 20:22:41 GMT No. 247
there's probably a steam group that organizes playing sessions every once in a while. a bit like the Active Neotokyo Players group

Anonymous Paintball 2023/08/09(Wed) 17:45:27 GMT No. 226 [Reply]
File: 2005 time caps(...).jpg (79 KB, 576x768) Does anyone here play paintball or has in the past?

I played a couple times years and years ago, and it seems like paintball had its heyday from the late ninties into the mid two-thousands.
Anonymous 2023/08/09(Wed) 21:15:37 GMT No. 227
I have a lifetime subscription for a paintball field I've gone to only twice in my life.

I prefer airsoft because the weapons look cooler and you don't have to scrub the paint off your gear every time you want to play
Anonymous 2023/08/10(Thu) 07:44:22 GMT No. 228
I like paintball because it's cheaper,more straightforward, and less LARP-y. Both seem to attract white teenagers en masse.

i still use a tippman 98 custom because I have no real reason to switch
Anonymous 2023/08/25(Fri) 20:01:24 GMT No. 238
ive only hit targets with a paintball shooter at a birthday party once when i was like 12
Anonymous Cars 2023/01/14(Sat) 03:11:31 GMT No. 34 [Reply]
File: airbox.png (9 MB, 2560x1920) Does anyone else enjoy working on cars and driving in general? Post your current/past projects and share driving stories.

Picture is related to my current repair work: high pressure steering hose on a jdm. The shit's put in so wonky that I had to take out the airbox to see the top of the thing. It's pissing out power steering fluid and I'm waiting on a part to come in so I can continue work.
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Anonymous 2023/02/16(Thu) 05:15:11 GMT No. 102
how did the wiper turn out?
Anonymous 2023/03/06(Mon) 01:35:43 GMT No. 116
i jammed it in place and it works again
Anonymous 2023/08/25(Fri) 07:19:39 GMT No. 236
File: chinesium.png (1 MB, 894x672)
OP here
I replaced the rear torque mount on my piece of shit today. The old one was cracked, and overall it was a quick, pleasant fix only hampered by a socket being thrown off the ratchet and into my engine bay for some reason

Anonymous Voice Acting/Impressions 2023/03/26(Sun) 02:15:59 GMT No. 120 [Reply]
File: INeeduuuuuuhTh(...).png (159 KB, 1041x883) Post some of the voices that you people can do, and what you've done with them.

This is from a project I started but never had the creative spark to finish:
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Anonymous 2023/08/11(Fri) 17:38:44 GMT No. 230
File: sad crash.jpg (42 KB, 526x526)
I didn't understand a single word, but what the fuck the Crash Bandicoot music does here?
Anonymous 2023/08/12(Sat) 22:25:40 GMT No. 232
it's a pleasent backing track
Anonymous 2023/08/13(Sun) 07:59:58 GMT No. 233
File: cool monkey.jpg (13 KB, 200x200)
true, true
Anonymous Graphics 2023/01/11(Wed) 17:50:37 GMT No. 21 [Reply]
File: sphere.webp (79 KB, 400x400) Show off some things you've done in graphic programs. Here's a thingy I made in Gimp a few months ago
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Anonymous 2023/08/04(Fri) 22:52:46 GMT No. 224
File: penescccccc.png (5 MB, 2000x2000)
No, it is not supposed to be a swastika and the black bits are not penises
Anonymous 2023/08/04(Fri) 22:53:19 GMT No. 225
File: asfasqwdrfq.jpg (4 MB, 2000x2000)
oh, here is my collage
Anonymous 2023/08/11(Fri) 17:28:00 GMT No. 229
this one is actually cool anon
bring moar!

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