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The stories and information posted here are autistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Anonymous ## Mod ENTER 2023/01/09(Mon) 23:04:13 GMT No. 11268 [Reply]
File: enter.gif (103 KB, 500x281)

 Important Mootxico announcement! 

1 new boards have been created:

- /hob/ - Hobbies

This board is meant to house specific hobby threads, such as Drawing, Anime, Tabletop, Video Games, Do-it-Yourself projects and anything else that can be considered hobbies (shitposting is not a valid hobby!) Feel free to post multiple threads for variants of your hobbies if you want.

Do remember that /lol/ - Internet is our ANYTHING GOES random board so threads that fit on /hob/ can also freely be posted on /lol/.

Happy new years to all of you anons, happy 11111th post and happy shitposting! And as always; if you have any feedback, criticism, ideas or just want to talk then join our IRC channel at #mootxico @ rizon.net

- Deus

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Anonymous 2023/01/27(Fri) 04:39:53 GMT No. 11626
Anonymous 2023/01/27(Fri) 05:32:56 GMT No. 11630
Who are you quoting?
Paul 2023/01/28(Sat) 11:23:45 GMT No. 11645
your momma
Anonymous How to stream the radio to MPD? 2023/02/03(Fri) 18:34:01 GMT No. 11680 [Reply]
File: swappy-2023020(...).png (31 KB, 1267x649) Hello, i'm new here and i like the radio a LOT so i tried to get it on mpd so i can hear it whenever i feel like without opening my browser and stuff BUT... Simply adding https://live.mootxi.co/public/mootxico didn't do the trick. Am i doing something wrong??????? :(
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Anonymous 2023/02/03(Fri) 18:51:03 GMT No. 11704
File: 1562101302895.jpg (28 KB, 665x574)
I wasn't even aware that long fixed the Radio

Though I personally can't help you because computers are magic and I'm not a wizard yet.
Anonymous 2023/02/03(Fri) 21:40:03 GMT No. 11705
maybe i just cant hear azuracast radio on mpd D:
Anonymous 2023/02/03(Fri) 21:54:41 GMT No. 11706
actually, this seems like a problem on my end, can't decode a format. What format are the files? m4a? I'll try to fix my stufff ff

Anonymous Share your old folders 2023/02/03(Fri) 15:04:11 GMT No. 11679 [Reply]
File: aadvdog.jpg (22 KB, 407x405) Any niggers got wholecloth /b/ folders from before 2009?
Make my day, I wanna go back to browsing 4chin in the high school computer lab.

pic related - keep the advice animals to a minimum please. It's when the cancer started metastasizing
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Anonymous 2023/02/03(Fri) 18:47:40 GMT No. 11701
File: tg stairs.jpg (396 KB, 1084x3774)
Anonymous 2023/02/03(Fri) 18:48:13 GMT No. 11702
File: 1608974026056.jpg (87 KB, 1041x789)
Anonymous 2023/02/03(Fri) 18:48:55 GMT No. 11703
File: EFG FALLS.jpg (162 KB, 576x1592)
I'm sad now
Anonymous 2023/01/25(Wed) 17:06:22 GMT No. 11595 [Reply]
File: purple popsicl(...).jpg (7 KB, 225x225) >hou do yuu git da pictues on da computah?

>Ehh, it's called a USB line... I'll tell you about it later....
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Anonymous 2023/01/27(Fri) 09:28:25 GMT No. 11631
>who are you quoting
peter griffin from family guy in that one episode where joe's dead son turns out to not be dead
Anonymous 2023/01/29(Sun) 22:03:21 GMT No. 11664

Your sister.
Anonymous 2023/02/03(Fri) 14:58:10 GMT No. 11678
USB line is a pedo dogwhistle for all the clueless newfriends

Little-Koi-Fish Chris-Chan 2023/02/03(Fri) 00:40:16 GMT No. 11674 [Reply]
File: 0782-CWCSpread.jfif (128 KB, 1200x900) I have a fasciation with this guy... Am I ok?
NO 2023/02/03(Fri) 01:21:13 GMT No. 11675
File: NO.jpg (47 KB, 640x512)
Anonymous 2023/02/03(Fri) 03:38:26 GMT No. 11676
teenage girls are usually mentally ill so you may not be ok but its nothing unusual
Anonymous 2023/02/02(Thu) 20:00:39 GMT No. 11672 [Reply]
File: 2222222.jpg (212 KB, 1280x720) Do you believe in UFOs, aliens, cryptids, etc?

NO 2023/02/02(Thu) 22:41:37 GMT No. 11673
File: 3330810868_(...).jpg (47 KB, 640x512)

Anonymous 2023/01/26(Thu) 03:48:53 GMT No. 11609 [Reply]
File: 1674683449889.jpg (56 KB, 731x761) This is the oldfag larp board.

Prove me wrong in this thread.
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Anonymous 2023/01/26(Thu) 18:53:43 GMT No. 11616
YOU need to understand the consequences of deez nutz slapping against yo mama's chin.
Anonymous 2023/02/02(Thu) 13:33:16 GMT No. 11670
u wrong
Anonymous 2023/02/02(Thu) 17:59:35 GMT No. 11671
seems legit to me.
moot !4ng6G3vsxA tripfaggotry 2023/01/25(Wed) 23:06:56 GMT No. 11605 [Reply]
File: 5db.jpg (106 KB, 817x829) i am the ultimate tripfag
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golgolmois !4ng6G3vsxA 2023/01/30(Mon) 18:15:38 GMT No. 11667
Anonymous 2023/01/30(Mon) 22:07:52 GMT No. 11668
File: AIRCRAFT CA(...).jpg (182 KB, 800x1138)
Paul 2023/02/01(Wed) 10:16:06 GMT No. 11669
File: nani-meme-i(...).jpg (36 KB, 500x500)

golgolmois !4ng6G3vsxA 2023/01/29(Sun) 10:34:30 GMT No. 11658 [Reply]
File: dklgk.JPG (119 KB, 956x668) DOLAN, iz de nyu meskod ov mudziko.
Anonymous 2023/01/29(Sun) 15:57:30 GMT No. 11659
File: 52EFKIBB6H6(...).png (43 KB, 235x143)
If there is a God, it must be a cat.
golgolmois !4ng6G3vsxA 2023/01/29(Sun) 16:06:40 GMT No. 11660
File: Dolan+duck_(...).jpg (67 KB, 584x786)
Anonymous 2023/01/29(Sun) 21:41:36 GMT No. 11663
File: sadle.gif (45 KB, 220x254)
Why would you do this
Anonymous #OpRektRoom 2023/01/27(Fri) 22:12:21 GMT No. 11636 [Reply]
File: 167485695879.jpg (21 KB, 300x298) Attention Mootxico!

The fine brothers over at 711Chan have received recent reports of two individuals by the name of Sean and Juli-ean contaminating the Rec Center waterfountains with HIV-positive blood. These attacks may be connected to the Habbo Hotel epidemics of yesteryear.

We must not allow the children of Rec Room to fall to the same virus that claimed so many of our fine black brothers and sisters. If you are interested in joining the Official Federal Force for the Securement of Epidemiological Threats(otherwise known as OFFSET) please visit the /i/ board of 711Chan.

I thank you all kindly for considering my message.

— Humongous Newnigger
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Anonymous 2023/01/29(Sun) 08:44:03 GMT No. 11656
aww u guys suck, what happened to coordination?
moot !4ng6G3vsxA 2023/01/29(Sun) 10:17:52 GMT No. 11657
i went to 711chan there havent been any posts since like 2018
Anonymous 2023/01/29(Sun) 17:34:25 GMT No. 11662
There's a new one at 711chan.net

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