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Anonymous 2022/08/14(Sun) 10:01:30 GMT No. 9567 [Reply]
File: Perfection1.jpg (59 KB, 800x600) Is it still too soon?
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Anonymous 2022/08/14(Sun) 15:32:11 GMT No. 9569
Who the hell is Steve Jobs??
Anonymous 2022/08/14(Sun) 21:36:59 GMT No. 9570
I nevr kneeeeeeeeeeeeee watsssthe sotry bhind thisssssss
ndI stil dnt carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre
Anonymous 2022/08/15(Mon) 04:50:35 GMT No. 9572
File: woah.gif (834 KB, 280x189)
Such a quality post
I truly admire you
Anonymous 2022/08/10(Wed) 20:39:00 GMT No. 9527 [Reply]
File: KidCosmic.jpg (86 KB, 1280x720) Discuss show.
Anonymous 2022/08/14(Sun) 23:51:58 GMT No. 9571
I like Craig McCracken

Anonymous moot/v/co/ 2022/08/02(Tue) 01:17:41 GMT No. 9319 [Reply]
File: pcsx2-logo.webp (19 KB, 460x460) I have some spare time on my hands that isn't taken up by my other hobbies and I'd like to know what PS2 games Mootxico recommends. Comics are less important to me but recommendations there are appreciated too.
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Anonymous 2022/08/10(Wed) 23:04:38 GMT No. 9530
readcomiconline.li (with adblocker)

I've also found some comics on Soulseek as well, make sure to search/filter for cbz and cbr files.
Anonymous 2022/08/11(Thu) 23:32:54 GMT No. 9549
On a scale of 1 to 10, how much time does one kill getting good at Ikaruga?
Anonymous 2022/08/14(Sun) 02:51:43 GMT No. 9566
I made a thread earlier that I shouldn't have, but I'd like to say that I enjoyed Kid Cosmic. The woman that owns the diner is a bit retarded, even more than she's expected to be in a show like it, but everything else fits rather well upon a first viewing. I'm up to the episode where Krosh is supposed to basically replace the team entirely, so maybe my opinion will change then, but I'd like to hear more opinions on this.
Anonymous 2022/08/07(Sun) 01:10:46 GMT No. 9467 [Reply]
File: tubgirl.png (559 KB, 625x848) tubgirl
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Anonymous 2022/08/12(Fri) 17:41:34 GMT No. 9556
File: 7V45QXNG5HN(...).jpg (43 KB, 640x480)
Get b& soyjak idiot
Anonymous 2022/08/13(Sat) 18:36:31 GMT No. 9564
File: 1316810540039.jpg (46 KB, 1084x658)
Anonymous 2022/08/13(Sat) 21:36:28 GMT No. 9565

Anonymous /mu/txico 2022/05/28(Sat) 03:54:57 GMT No. 8502 [Reply]
File: bill burr.jpg (34 KB, 450x600) waht kind of music does mootxico like? these are some of the songs I've been listening to:
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Anonymous 2022/08/12(Fri) 03:30:46 GMT No. 9553
Turns out that anons on /mu/ do have some talent.
Anonymous 2022/08/13(Sat) 09:04:51 GMT No. 9562
GOTTA BLAST 2022/08/13(Sat) 18:32:03 GMT No. 9563
File: gotta blast(...).mp4 (62 KB, 320x240)
Anonymous 2022/08/11(Thu) 02:49:44 GMT No. 9536 [Reply]
File: yuyu.png (1 MB, 1325x663) My dream is to become a linux sysadmin
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Anonymous 2022/08/12(Fri) 19:03:46 GMT No. 9559
your mom
Anonymous 2022/08/12(Fri) 19:17:56 GMT No. 9560
File: 1655422234050.jpg (482 KB, 439x1376)
Anonymous 2022/08/12(Fri) 21:06:26 GMT No. 9561

Anonymous 2022/08/11(Thu) 15:52:53 GMT No. 9540 [Reply]
File: marisad.png (129 KB, 256x256) I had just beaten marisa on in hard mode and then the game crashed
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Anonymous 2022/08/12(Fri) 09:33:50 GMT No. 9554
File: artworks-00(...).jpg (48 KB, 500x500)
I just beat my meat to Marisa
Anonymous 2022/08/12(Fri) 10:56:14 GMT No. 9555
speaking of 2hu embodiment of scarlet devil turned 20 when you posted this so im derailing this into the 2hu anniversary thread
Anonymous 2022/08/12(Fri) 18:04:36 GMT No. 9558
File: check em.gif (1 MB, 600x450)
Holy Xenon 5's
Too bad I suck cock at Touhou games
Anonymous 2022/08/11(Thu) 18:06:53 GMT No. 9543 [Reply]
File: wjbfq8fs7q081.jpg (115 KB, 926x1254) hi guys
Anonymous 2022/08/11(Thu) 20:22:02 GMT No. 9546
File: Screenshot (...).png (253 KB, 254x333)
This is like a texture I'd expect to see on a zergling
Anonymous 2022/08/11(Thu) 22:30:30 GMT No. 9547
Dude, your dick's like a blue raisin, you feeling okay?
Anonymous 2022/08/11(Thu) 23:49:00 GMT No. 9551
Why do you want balls with no dick?
Do you really want to look like an anime monkey?

Anonymous Oekaki 2022/06/21(Tue) 19:31:33 GMT No. 8735 [Reply]
File: tegaki.png (10 KB, 512x512) Draw something

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Anonymous 2022/08/10(Wed) 02:12:55 GMT No. 9518
File: 1502252877336.png (12 KB, 284x284)
I tried drawing it so that he would be crouching at the stomach, but on the other hand I do suck at drawing.
Anonymous 2022/08/10(Wed) 02:17:24 GMT No. 9519
He's ugleh
Anonymous 2022/08/11(Thu) 18:31:37 GMT No. 9544
File: ninget.png (11 KB, 598x504)
Anonymous 2022/08/10(Wed) 23:21:27 GMT No. 9532 [Reply]
File: 16601735921623(...).jpg (383 KB, 1080x2133) That's pretty funny tbh
Anonymous 2022/08/10(Wed) 23:22:02 GMT No. 9533
File: 16601736404(...).jpg (742 KB, 1080x2133)
Anonymous ## Admin 2022/08/11(Thu) 00:10:10 GMT No. 9534
Glad you like it
Anonymous 2022/08/11(Thu) 00:34:31 GMT No. 9535
File: 1562481063628.jpg (50 KB, 364x392)

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