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titi yoyo 2023/09/25(Mon) 13:40:30 GMT No. 13169 [Reply]
File: mwt1wl0cqd35_t.jpg (27 KB, 323x350) > L:S - J:B - F.U.C.K <



Anonymous 2023/09/25(Mon) 10:43:30 GMT No. 13168 [Reply]
File: acdggfhjtyhrd.jpg (278 KB, 956x1252) Collection ♥♥♥

Anonymous 2022/10/26(Wed) 04:02:46 GMT No. 10311 [Reply]
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Anonymous 2023/08/28(Mon) 12:30:35 GMT No. 12914
File: osakaloituma.swf (311 KB)
Aaaagh nostalgia it hurts
Anonymous 2023/08/30(Wed) 03:23:00 GMT No. 12925
File: ebaumsworld(...).swf (2 MB)
never 4get this massive faggot
Anonymous 2023/09/25(Mon) 01:36:12 GMT No. 13166
File: ultimateorgy.swf (4 MB)
someone has to do it
Anonymous 2023/09/24(Sun) 22:08:10 GMT No. 13163 [Reply]
File: osaka awesome.jpg (37 KB, 1078x1071) I totally enjoy listening to local radio, plz complete adding trekz!
Anonymous 2023/09/24(Sun) 22:46:30 GMT No. 13164
File: consider-th(...).gif (111 KB, 680x383)
You're going to fucking name me trekz
Anonymous 2023/09/24(Sun) 23:45:46 GMT No. 13165
why is osaka wearing those gay tshirts that those annoying ass girls used to wear?

Anonymous 2023/09/10(Sun) 05:47:07 GMT No. 12978 [Reply]
File: tree.gif (2 MB, 640x476) *sailor mode* Listen up you Jews, 'fore god smites yeh. Oh, sorry, I totally spaced out and forgot what I was going to say. But thanks for listening...that's what friends do. You do realize that makes you my friend, right? Haha, I just realized I said do-do. There was a 'you' between the 'do' and the other 'do', but I still think its funny. Ok, bye.
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Anonymous 2023/09/23(Sat) 20:17:36 GMT No. 13158
It do be like that some times.
Anonymous 2023/09/23(Sat) 22:40:20 GMT No. 13159
File: boogadee.jpg (73 KB, 990x660)
do be shoo be do
Anonymous 2023/09/24(Sun) 11:44:29 GMT No. 13162
File: its all a l(...).png (40 KB, 816x423)
Anonymous help 2023/06/23(Fri) 18:28:13 GMT No. 12456 [Reply]
File: i dont become (...).png (74 KB, 663x309) how do i become email??
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Anonymous 2023/09/22(Fri) 17:52:47 GMT No. 13154
only 8 years old and he's already talking about drive-bys!
Anonymous 2023/09/23(Sat) 04:25:43 GMT No. 13155
what the hell is right with you?
Anonymous 2023/09/24(Sun) 09:43:09 GMT No. 13161
bee cum?

Anonymous The Boomerang 2023/09/08(Fri) 01:55:16 GMT No. 12967 [Reply]
File: Transit.jpg (207 KB, 1280x706) To preface this, (nb4 nypb) I walk around barefoot, often with dirty clothes, often presenting myself as somewhat of a hobo.
On Monday, a feather Indian in a wheelchair with only one leg came upto me and asked for but one measly dollar. I gave him a $20 bill, because he didn't seem like the garden variety rude vagrant.
On Tuesday, a passerby thought I was homeless. I tried to explain that I wasn't homeless, and that I have money, but they did not believe me, and practically forced me to take a $20 bill.
What are the odds that the very next day after I give a sum of money to a hobo, I get that exact sum of money from a passerby who is convinced I'm a hobo? Not just that, but its not two $10s, or four $5s, but one $20.
I don't identify with any religion, but it makes me wonder...
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Anonymous 2023/09/08(Fri) 07:26:24 GMT No. 12969
File: 1591468675978.gif (182 KB, 208x292)
praise him! desu
Anonymous 2023/09/09(Sat) 21:06:27 GMT No. 12975
File: Lightning.gif (5 MB, 450x338)
He can sense what a smelly boy you are and he has decided you shall suffer.
Anonymous 2023/09/23(Sat) 04:27:50 GMT No. 13156
It should be legal to rape people who are from South Dakota
Anonymous 2023/08/06(Sun) 00:34:52 GMT No. 12738 [Reply]
File: lightning.jpg (2 MB, 1536x1024) generative AI is alright
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Anonymous 2023/08/06(Sun) 14:07:12 GMT No. 12744
File: 1614045904560.jpg (22 KB, 400x400)
AI art is by definition, art.
Still does not make you an artist kedone
Anonymous 2023/08/07(Mon) 21:40:32 GMT No. 12753
File: kid glasses(...).jpg (116 KB, 612x972)
>Would you tell a photographer they played no role? You may be aware of lenses, shutter speeds, and the like in this example, but what about models, LoRAs, refiner models, ControlNet, textual inversions, seeds, upscalers, guidance, CLIP skip, mask blur, face restoration, steps, and high resolution steps alongside the subtleties of writing a prompt and weighting it?

Don't care. None of those are artistic skills. You are a mere operator
Anonymous 2023/09/21(Thu) 09:59:22 GMT No. 13149
good message, anon.

Anonymous 2023/04/22(Sat) 19:07:10 GMT No. 12214 [Reply]
File: VM_banner.png (19 KB, 468x60) I want source games to make a comeback
Why is Valve not doing anything when they have tens of millions of users who would bend forward at the very sight of Gaben
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Anonymous 2023/09/20(Wed) 13:16:18 GMT No. 13000
File: gay bowser.jpg (57 KB, 632x480)
Anonymous 2023/09/20(Wed) 23:41:52 GMT No. 13147
The second that happens, you'll complain about being unable to escape normalfags.
Anonymous 2023/09/21(Thu) 00:04:20 GMT No. 13148
The only thing that will be inescapable will be furries. In most games nowadays you can't even choose what servers you join because it's all random matchmaking.
Anonymous 2023/09/20(Wed) 21:54:29 GMT No. 13146 [Reply]
File: 16801254324347(...).jpg (84 KB, 1280x720) Sayonara, desu.

Come back soon, desu~!

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