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LongFag ## Admin Radio Requests 2021/10/09(Sat) 01:27:09 GMT No. 5781 [Reply]
File: 1621381641554.png (537 KB, 692x677) Mootxico now has a radio! Check it out here and suggest songs to put in rotation in this thread!
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Anonymous 2021/10/14(Thu) 23:08:57 GMT No. 5840
Definitely going to have to go with some of these:
Diablo Swing Orchestra — A Tap Dancer's Dilemma
Azealia Banks - 1991
Big L - Ebonics
Dag Nasty - Values Here(and the rest of the album 'Can I Say' for that matter)
Killing Floor OST - Bled Dry
some of Fishmans would be nice too, I suppose.
Anonymous 2021/10/16(Sat) 19:58:09 GMT No. 5861 [Reply]
File: fat_boy.mp4 (2 MB, 480x848) Lol fat nigga

Anonymous 2021/10/17(Sun) 12:42:45 GMT No. 5872
free anon he dint do nun wrong
Anonymous 2021/10/18(Mon) 14:28:30 GMT No. 5888
tbh ## Mod 2021/10/18(Mon) 21:30:13 GMT No. 5889
Keep "meme maker" images in the trash, where they belong. If you have a computer, you should be able to make your own.

Anonymous 2021/10/17(Sun) 02:35:16 GMT No. 5864 [Reply]
File: 1316721105847.gif (222 KB, 200x150) AAAAAAAHHH
Anonymous 2021/10/18(Mon) 14:27:31 GMT No. 5887
File: alexandria-(...).gif (2 MB, 640x360)
Anonymous 2021/10/18(Mon) 03:06:14 GMT No. 5878 [Reply]
File: LSIXVLYCDGO3VH(...).jpeg (83 KB, 480x1076) Why is no one posting??
Are we kill?
Anonymous 2021/10/18(Mon) 05:24:59 GMT No. 5880
Anonymous 2021/10/18(Mon) 08:56:23 GMT No. 5883
gargoyle isnt here to samefag and stimulate the threads
Anonymous 2021/10/18(Mon) 14:27:12 GMT No. 5886
Gargoyle only ever posts 1-liners like "what" and ytpmv (which all suck, no exception)

Anonymous 2021/10/17(Sun) 03:06:22 GMT No. 5865 [Reply]
File: robotunicornat(...).swf (2 MB) ALWAYS
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Anonymous 2021/10/18(Mon) 08:55:39 GMT No. 5882
yeah yeah this game is supposed to be so cool and all but it's really fuckong obnoxious
Anonymous 2021/10/18(Mon) 12:45:19 GMT No. 5884
This game is great. WTF do you mean 'obnoxious'!?
Anonymous 2021/10/18(Mon) 14:25:18 GMT No. 5885
The only bad thing about it is that sometimes you get caught on terrain and die for no reason. Other than that, it's really good.

There's even a metal version if you don't like the rainbows
Anonymous 2021/10/16(Sat) 17:44:44 GMT No. 5859 [Reply]
File: 1612401123121.jpg (353 KB, 700x679) What are they guarding?
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Anonymous 2021/10/16(Sat) 22:53:36 GMT No. 5862
File: cool_yuno.PNG (601 KB, 676x704)
my virginity
Anonymous 2021/10/16(Sat) 23:51:52 GMT No. 5863
>2 black pussies guarding a giant pussy
Anonymous 2021/10/18(Mon) 08:54:49 GMT No. 5881
hey radiowaves

Anonymous 2021/09/27(Mon) 02:04:32 GMT No. 5497 [Reply]
File: 1631394011296.webm (1 MB, 576x1024) ~~~~~~

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Anonymous 2021/09/27(Mon) 07:01:33 GMT No. 5503
File: himmler.jpeg (814 KB, 1600x2390)
God I love pirates
Skull and crossbones is an underrated symbol
Anonymous 2021/10/17(Sun) 20:50:14 GMT No. 5876
File: keepitclassy.jpg (300 KB, 1500x3333)
Because they have absolutely zero class. They're practically sea niggers. All they do is roam around the sea like a bunch of bums. Speaking of that they are at the mercy of the sea. They do nothing cool and fuck you.
Anonymous 2021/10/17(Sun) 21:00:22 GMT No. 5877
File: 7z56vUv.gif (1011 KB, 300x206)
They were the freest men on earth. Doing whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.

And now here we are, slaves to our own governments, being told what to do and when to do it.
Anonymous 2021/10/17(Sun) 05:52:31 GMT No. 5868 [Reply]
File: flamingtruck.jpg (42 KB, 640x628) Machine thread, post mechanical & electronic things you think are cool/have tinkered with.
Anonymous 2021/10/17(Sun) 15:31:28 GMT No. 5873
File: 1583357154308.gif (1 MB, 460x448)
Endless machine
Anonymous 2021/10/17(Sun) 15:31:59 GMT No. 5874
File: 1583306934105.gif (798 KB, 500x500)

Anonymous 2021/10/14(Thu) 10:02:18 GMT No. 5835 [Reply]
File: sweet_like_nic(...).png (93 KB, 318x280) Try out Stream of Consciousness writing here!

Spend one or a few minutes typing out whatever comes to your mind when given a random prompt and stop when you feel your idea is complete; the input can come from anywhere, but state what it was.

I'll start:
[watching a show where some girl punches a guy] she hit the guy she first loved, my dad said he did the same, he said it was love, when he cried i knew it wasnt true, that's because i'm smart, he yeleld alot and made his eyes really big, everyone did that, i see teeth in the dark, perfect mouths with their lips undulating in circles biting and biting and speaking and yelling silently, i cant stop seenig teeth, i see white flashing abstract eyes, it makes my stomach hurt, i stare in one direction for long periods of time, i think i;m thinking, sometimes i stare at people i dont know unknowingly, i cant fall asleep with my thoughts anymore, they feel broken, thoughts crack and shit seeps out, i havebeen having hallucintations since i was 7, silence freaks me out, i can feel the wind and pressure on my ears, waiting too lonh, i've screamed and almost hit my head before, that was induced by my dad, it was funny but if i bring it up it would be sad, i see eyes and teeth.
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Anonymous 2021/10/16(Sat) 03:00:24 GMT No. 5856
helping others is epic
Anonymous 2021/10/17(Sun) 06:50:08 GMT No. 5869
Uranium nigger monster killed my fucking grandparents then he hacked into the presidents brain to make him kill all of the nigger grandparents with missiles and moon rays which are stationed on mars where all of the aliens they probe for weapons research are so they can blow up more middle eastern kids using tax dollars mostly gotten from mcdonalds which uses union carbide bread to fatten up customers they feed to the mars aliens which have the uranium nigger as their king
Anonymous 2021/10/17(Sun) 07:06:42 GMT No. 5870
The god machine is something i have seen its a big steel tank with pipes leading to more tanks with rods of brass intertwirling into straight lines forming shapes tracing the outline of the tanks making a dull hiss as they twirl back and receive output from an incineration unit containing a dull purple orb showing shapes of existence in its featureless plasma contained by large spinning magnets around the incinerator rotating counterclockwise driven by a large electric motor, the motor is driven by a coal fired steam generator tended by workers no different from earthly ones, they are also unionized which is pretty cool, the machine manufactures planets and worlds orbiting around black holes and stars contained in little galaxies and superclusters, millions of civilizations rise and fall in the universes manufactured by the machine daily, the product is packaged in electrically powered glass balls sold to childrens stores as a form of amusement as a thing for them to watch, a common birthday gift
Anonymous 2021/10/17(Sun) 05:15:49 GMT No. 5867 [Reply]
File: c6e119ba106ceb(...).jpg (448 KB, 2480x3508) Praise Zone-sama
Anonymous 2021/10/18(Mon) 05:24:28 GMT No. 5879

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