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Anonymous 2023/04/19(Wed) 09:09:59 GMT No. 12193 [Reply]
File: cdi link.jpg (47 KB, 480x360) Gee, it sure is boring around here
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Anonymous 2023/06/09(Fri) 23:59:53 GMT No. 12395
Did you and your siblings ever used to laugh when your parents hit the dog rather than you?
Anonymous 2023/06/10(Sat) 01:12:39 GMT No. 12396
I hit my parents and the dog laughed
Anonymous 2023/06/10(Sat) 08:00:02 GMT No. 12397
my parents are actually scared of my dog, it's pretty sweet.
Anonymous TROUBLING EJACULATIONS 2023/06/02(Fri) 22:43:58 GMT No. 12370 [Reply]
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Anonymous 2023/06/06(Tue) 21:23:41 GMT No. 12387
Now the big question is: where is all of this cum redirected to?
Anonymous 2023/06/07(Wed) 02:40:27 GMT No. 12388
File: mootxico se(...).png (48 KB, 780x634)
Anonymous 2023/06/08(Thu) 07:13:45 GMT No. 12391
File: solution.jpg (106 KB, 967x876)
Just drink your own cum OP

Anonymous Share your old folders 2023/02/03(Fri) 15:04:11 GMT No. 11679 [Reply]
File: aadvdog.jpg (22 KB, 407x405) Any niggers got wholecloth /b/ folders from before 2009?
Make my day, I wanna go back to browsing 4chin in the high school computer lab.

pic related - keep the advice animals to a minimum please. It's when the cancer started metastasizing
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Anonymous 2023/03/12(Sun) 23:04:22 GMT No. 11899
File: 1220743402309.jpg (26 KB, 400x266)
Anonymous 2023/03/12(Sun) 23:34:16 GMT No. 11900
Why is the horse in the hole?
Anonymous 2023/06/07(Wed) 08:24:27 GMT No. 12390
File: weeg.png (278 KB, 602x417)
better a horse in the hole than a hole in the horse
Anonymous 2023/05/31(Wed) 21:10:49 GMT No. 12361 [Reply]
File: image-based-ga(...).jpg (738 KB, 1408x2576) Choose!!!
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Anonymous 2023/06/01(Thu) 21:59:56 GMT No. 12368
File: 16810003136(...).jpg (24 KB, 400x392)
WTF you can't do that
Anonymous 2023/06/04(Sun) 17:08:50 GMT No. 12380
Meth and LSD. Not touching used goods
Anonymous 2023/06/07(Wed) 08:22:37 GMT No. 12389
LSD and cannabis

Anonymous 2023/03/27(Mon) 02:43:10 GMT No. 12070 [Reply]
File: 11.jpg (519 KB, 1075x1518) hahaha there isnt a single good 4chan alternative and the net is dead and everything sucks lol
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Anonymous 2023/06/04(Sun) 20:24:44 GMT No. 12382
why did he get banned?
Anonymous 2023/06/04(Sun) 23:47:05 GMT No. 12383
Advertising is banned. The rules haven't been updated to reflect this, but I am working on that and some other site stuff atm
Anonymous 2023/06/05(Mon) 00:32:15 GMT No. 12384
Advertising is only banned if the one advertising it doesn't so much as try to communicate with the mods.
Though when it comes to that guy's site, it's really just a huge dump filled with serious business, ironic sarcasm and politics
Anonymous 2023/05/30(Tue) 10:00:03 GMT No. 12352 [Reply]
File: b0dcdf7edb36d8(...).jpg (30 KB, 640x346) Tis truly a SAD time to be a mootxican... The site has never been this dead...
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Anonymous 2023/06/02(Fri) 17:35:53 GMT No. 12369
Has it ever been better
Anonymous 2023/06/04(Sun) 10:33:44 GMT No. 12377
File: 16825327378(...).png (60 KB, 179x238)
>Just wait for summer
Anonymous 2023/06/04(Sun) 14:34:53 GMT No. 12379
File: 1445722325601.jpg (123 KB, 400x300)
It didn't take long
As soon as summer came
The cum came with it

Anonymous 2023/05/03(Wed) 07:56:57 GMT No. 12249 [Reply]
File: reaction inter(...).gif (2 MB, 400x300) Post one image that you would send to the year 2000.
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Anonymous 2023/05/19(Fri) 21:18:31 GMT No. 12328
It almost certainly is, that's the reason I'm sending it.
Anonymous 2023/05/31(Wed) 21:10:18 GMT No. 12360
it would be funny
Anonymous 2023/06/03(Sat) 14:29:40 GMT No. 12372
File: anim0205-1_e0.gif (15 KB, 177x175)
i'd send this, to help with the construction effort
Anonymous 2023/05/14(Sun) 18:12:08 GMT No. 12318 [Reply]
File: xiao.gif (1 MB, 398x221) Favorite combat animation thread?
I've always loved watching stick figures go at it, and most other animations just steal their moves from movies/animes for easy views.
music 2023/05/15(Mon) 02:32:32 GMT No. 12319
i dont have one in particular but i do remember there was a whole website dedicated to stickman combat animations
Anonymous 2023/05/29(Mon) 23:38:18 GMT No. 12351
Super Mario Bros Z on Youtube was the shit

Anonymous 2022/10/26(Wed) 04:02:46 GMT No. 10311 [Reply]
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Anonymous 2023/05/13(Sat) 00:11:20 GMT No. 12314
File: I-guarantee-it.swf (4 MB)
checku da threadu desu
Anonymous 2023/05/13(Sat) 18:06:02 GMT No. 12315
Anonymous 2023/05/28(Sun) 10:39:59 GMT No. 12350
Anonymous 2023/05/22(Mon) 19:22:17 GMT No. 12340 [Reply]
File: pedobear dance.gif (636 KB, 163x153) What are your nationalities, Mootxicans?
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Anonymous 2023/05/23(Tue) 09:26:42 GMT No. 12342
Anonymous 2023/05/23(Tue) 20:16:04 GMT No. 12343
correct answers, have a cookie.
Anonymous 2023/05/24(Wed) 10:54:06 GMT No. 12344

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