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Anonymous ## Mod 2024/02/27(Tue) 22:45:55 GMT No. 14473 [Reply]
File: ypxMd.gif (103 KB, 437x430) brbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbbr
Anonymous 2024/02/27(Tue) 23:00:16 GMT No. 14474
there was spam
you just missed it
tbh 2024/02/28(Wed) 10:49:33 GMT No. 14477
Not again.. :(
Anonymous 2024/02/29(Thu) 10:56:13 GMT No. 14480
File: 1208884827500.jpg (91 KB, 335x448)
Anonymous 2023/12/18(Mon) 04:18:22 GMT No. 13854 [Reply]
File: 1565979053781.jpg (278 KB, 2000x1333) Those soyjack spammers sure have a lot of weird fetish pictures stored on their computers despite being such devout, puritan Christians..
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Anonymous 2024/02/15(Thu) 02:28:53 GMT No. 14306
Even though I didn't originally go to 4chan for tech discussion, I did end up browsing /g/ probably the most.
>noticed every thread was the same with very rare interesting discussions taking place
This is the exact reason I left /g/. There've been a handful of cool threads, but it really is mostly just the same recycled shit constantly. Sucks most technology boards on other imageboards are pretty dead nowadays.
Anonymous 2024/02/25(Sun) 06:05:37 GMT No. 14409
File: 1708660906850.png (351 KB, 638x488)
>>they are being annoying as possible so they can be a gated community
They have an "us VS them" mentality where you're either "based" or you had your cock snipped off.
>In any case, they are nothing more than loose cannons with no true home to return to; no on likes them, and they both currently don't and won't fit anywhere. Their circle-jerk bubble will pop once their little spamming adrenaline high passes and they realize that the one trick pony they've all been riding at once for years is dead. They'll go back to their old ways of scraping the bottom of barrel, spitting out what's left of their long-shattered pride and crawling back to their old homes such as reddit, 9gag, discord, ifunny, instagram, facebook etc, that they all pretend to hate in their desperate attempts to fit in with one another.
>They'll never be truly free, and that's all they deserve.
Anonymous 2024/03/03(Sun) 10:26:12 GMT No. 14487
go back to whatever shitchan you came from

Anonymous 2024/03/02(Sat) 12:00:00 GMT No. 14486 [Reply]
File: -5587672892201(...).mp4 (892 KB, 544x416) listen up america
Anonymous 2023/11/08(Wed) 19:30:32 GMT No. 13548 [Reply]
File: 7091404.png (6 KB, 800x600) cute cat moot thread
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Anonymous User !tsGpSwX8mo 2024/02/23(Fri) 20:58:54 GMT No. 14407
Anonymous 2024/02/29(Thu) 07:49:22 GMT No. 14479
Anonymous 2024/02/29(Thu) 15:32:50 GMT No. 14481
who are you cc'ing?

Anonymous 2024/02/22(Thu) 14:32:35 GMT No. 14399 [Reply]
File: desu.png (395 KB, 740x647) FUCK DESU
Anonymous 2024/02/22(Thu) 16:27:59 GMT No. 14401
File: 1325339605438.jpg (173 KB, 570x622)
you wouldn't
Anonymous 2024/02/23(Fri) 14:42:45 GMT No. 14403
i would if she was ok with it
Anonymous 2024/02/26(Mon) 19:59:38 GMT No. 14412
File: tkTBjQn.jpg (237 KB, 1280x960)
da desu is being fuck'd
Anonymous 2024/02/05(Mon) 21:33:28 GMT No. 14274 [Reply]
File: jioehrfiftj.jpg (50 KB, 1280x720) >I
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Najarin 2024/02/06(Tue) 03:52:35 GMT No. 14278
File: Najarin_PTP.jpg (120 KB, 1000x625)
not gonna lie, Anne Franke makes my dick ROCK HARD!
Anonymous 2024/02/18(Sun) 22:21:35 GMT No. 14395
File: oasis hitle(...).png (118 KB, 216x293)
>Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to jews
>By now jews should've somehow realized what they gotta do
>I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about jews now
Anonymous 2024/02/25(Sun) 20:00:15 GMT No. 14411
Real-life photo of cock

Anonymous 2022/10/26(Wed) 04:02:46 GMT No. 10311 [Reply]
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Anonymous 2024/02/04(Sun) 18:07:29 GMT No. 14259
File: training ga(...).swf (3 MB)
Anonymous 2024/02/19(Mon) 22:49:06 GMT No. 14396
File: sun.swf (604 KB)
the sun will rape your shit
Anonymous 2024/02/20(Tue) 23:13:35 GMT No. 14397
File: 16762220606(...).gif (254 KB, 498x280)
I wish I could go outside
Anonymous 2024/02/13(Tue) 10:53:27 GMT No. 14300 [Reply]
File: Screen Shot 20(...).png (32 KB, 486x456) You ever have those incestuous intrusive thoughts like the urge to kiss your parents on the lips and it's so strong that your lips start tingling the entire time
Similarly, how about when you're around young kids and you have the intrusive thought of molesting them which disgusts you but your dick tingles without getting hard
Anonymous 2024/02/13(Tue) 17:40:11 GMT No. 14301
File: shiteyanyo.png (671 KB, 1015x729)
Anonymous 2024/02/13(Tue) 20:00:26 GMT No. 14302
File: catteViolence.jpeg (84 KB, 1080x1045)
can't say I've ever had such thoughts sorry
Anonymous 2024/02/13(Tue) 22:50:22 GMT No. 14303
I don't have the thoughts about my parents but I know exactly what you mean about the young kids thing.

Anonymous 2023/10/14(Sat) 07:59:14 GMT No. 13262 [Reply]
File: IMG_5034.jpg (44 KB, 738x632) You know what day it is.
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Anonymous 2024/02/12(Mon) 02:17:12 GMT No. 14296
File: 200716___4_(...).jpg (446 KB, 2952x2952)
fukc I'm laet
Anonymous 2024/02/12(Mon) 05:52:55 GMT No. 14297
File: 1107051461242.jpg (36 KB, 399x465)
Anonymous 2024/02/12(Mon) 23:18:55 GMT No. 14299
File: 1624236011995.jpg (141 KB, 722x914)
Outrageous feline transmogrification!
Anonymous 2024/02/04(Sun) 11:51:30 GMT No. 14253 [Reply]
File: mario is celeb(...).gif (2 MB, 583x443) Hey I read the rules, they said I had to post if it's my first time here.
Now what? Do I get friends now?
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Anonymous 2024/02/05(Mon) 10:59:48 GMT No. 14263
shampoo bottle tower
Anonymous 2024/02/05(Mon) 13:10:30 GMT No. 14264
do they poo in the shampoo tower?????zozzle
Anonymous 2024/02/08(Thu) 12:02:13 GMT No. 14287
no friends, only buttsecks

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