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gargoyle 2021/06/03(Thu) 02:22:19 GMT No. /lol/2996
File: IMG_1023.JPG (3 MB, 4608x3456)
Anonymous 2021/06/03(Thu) 02:23:57 GMT No. /lol/2997
File: 1997.swf (60 KB) good job op!
Anonymous 2021/06/03(Thu) 02:25:08 GMT No. /lol/2999
>1997 on 2997
Anonymous 2021/06/03(Thu) 02:25:53 GMT No. /lol/3001
what an amazing coincidence
gargoyle ## Mod 2021/06/03(Thu) 02:27:28 GMT No. /lol/3002
File: IMG_1020.JPG (4 MB, 4608x3456) first person to shoop longcat on this wins an internet
Anonymous 2021/06/03(Thu) 02:30:36 GMT No. /lol/3006
fuck, ok hold on
Anonymous 2021/06/03(Thu) 02:32:20 GMT No. /lol/3008
mind the trees
gargoyle ## Mod 2021/06/03(Thu) 02:34:26 GMT No. /lol/3009
File: IMG_1039.JPG (2 MB, 4608x3456) found where Barry lives
gargoyle ## Mod 2021/06/03(Thu) 02:35:11 GMT No. /lol/3010
File: IMG_1040.JPG (3 MB, 4608x3456) also found where LongFag lives
Barry ## Admin 2021/06/03(Thu) 03:10:07 GMT No. /lol/3022
get fucked LongFag
LongFag ## Admin 2021/06/03(Thu) 03:19:37 GMT No. /lol/3023
File: 1591216528351.jpg (102 KB, 569x725) >>3010
Listen here, faggot
Anonymous 2021/06/03(Thu) 03:28:24 GMT No. /lol/3024
File: longcatcity.jpg (3 MB, 3456x4608) >>3002
at least i tried
i suck at gimp

You will invoke the wrath of staff
Anonymous 2021/06/03(Thu) 03:29:12 GMT No. /lol/3025
shit, why is the image in that angle?

gargoyle ## Mod 2021/06/03(Thu) 03:30:56 GMT No. /lol/3026
pretty damn good.
This was done in Gimp? I thought that was useless.
Anonymous 2021/06/03(Thu) 03:32:59 GMT No. /lol/3027
i struggled a lot actually, next time i'll just pirate photoshop.

Anonymous 2021/06/03(Thu) 03:34:13 GMT No. /lol/3028
lol, good man
Anonymous 2021/06/03(Thu) 04:39:39 GMT No. /lol/3034
File: 1560032702546.gif (35 KB, 141x160) >>3023
Anonymous 2021/06/03(Thu) 05:23:57 GMT No. /lol/3036
File: 3bf70ea9c0017d(...).gif (26 KB, 300x387) >>3026
Lol good one
Anonymous 2021/06/03(Thu) 10:31:25 GMT No. /lol/3039
hey everyone
look at the foss tard
Anonymous 2021/06/04(Fri) 02:20:06 GMT No. /lol/3044
stay mad while locked in your chamber of proprietary software
gargoyle 2021/06/05(Sat) 04:38:37 GMT No. /lol/3067
File: 20210604_20105(...).jpg (207 KB, 1916x1437) >>3044
>my chamber
Anonymous 2021/06/12(Sat) 23:47:40 GMT No. /lol/3246
File: 20210612_15515(...).jpg (1 MB, 4032x3024) hey mootxico, back again and AAARRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH MY GOD OOH SHIIIIIIII
Anonymous 2021/06/13(Sun) 08:35:51 GMT No. /lol/3250
Do you think mlk will actually be there?
Anonymous 2021/06/14(Mon) 05:46:02 GMT No. /lol/3260
mlk has been charging his power in the grave for decades.
today, that power is released.

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