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Anonymous 2021/08/07(Sat) 00:45:45 GMT No. /lol/4853
File: efvqia.png (76 KB, 178x295)
nigger on the mootxico board
what will he do?
Anonymous 2021/08/07(Sat) 01:15:35 GMT No. /lol/4854
File: 4mullen.mp4 (7 MB, 720x1280) headstand to a boneless kickflip, it seems
gargoyle ## Mod 2021/08/07(Sat) 01:26:27 GMT No. /lol/4855
adminstrative note:
irl hijinks like these are most likely detrimental to the site's userbase, but this is a rare occassion where I can do what I want because I'm a mod and you aren't so fuck you

Anonymous 2021/08/07(Sat) 12:16:09 GMT No. /lol/4859
idk bro, can't hurt to pull in more users initially
Anonymous 2021/08/07(Sat) 12:49:50 GMT No. /lol/4860
you'd think, but that might cause a culture shift. Especially so in this case because irl people generally suck
tbh ## Mod 2021/08/07(Sat) 14:37:29 GMT No. /lol/4864
File: 1588276350079.png (26 KB, 177x240)  
Anonymous 2021/08/07(Sat) 18:47:05 GMT No. /lol/4870
File: 1627381097063.jpg (11 KB, 140x251) >>4864
Anonymous 2021/08/07(Sat) 18:47:36 GMT No. /lol/4871
File: 1627385524387.png (42 KB, 193x203) >>4864
Anonymous 2021/08/07(Sat) 18:55:36 GMT No. /lol/4872
preschool at 5?
your kid's retarded bro
Anonymous 2021/08/07(Sat) 19:26:32 GMT No. /lol/4874
Actually, Kindergartners... So 5 is right.

Quote: Students must be between the age of 4 and 6. Minimum age for kindergarten entrance is 4 years 7 months before the first day of the school year. All children must attend kindergarten before age 7. LEA may require students admitted to kindergarten to attain the age of 5 on or before August 31 and January 1.

Anonymous 2021/08/07(Sat) 20:49:48 GMT No. /lol/4875
kids dont make proper cocksleeves until theyre at least 9
everyone knows this, retard

tbh ## Mod 2021/08/07(Sat) 21:11:16 GMT No. /lol/4876
File: 1561333590284.png (241 KB, 500x501) >>4875
P.B. Crisps !!ClPSH3O2gA 2021/08/07(Sat) 22:06:59 GMT No. /lol/4879
File: 1430621799467.jpg (22 KB, 233x339) >>4875
Actually, if you do your due diligence/research, most guides/sources suggest penetration can be safely performed around six or seven years of years of age with appropriate caution.

You see, when a young girl goes through her second growth spurt around that age, her vaginal canal thickens to permit the upcoming growth. This is the sweet spot and time. You can then safely penetrate with caution without rupturing the vaginal canal into the anal cavity causing a young girl to possibly bleed out. I've read coroners reports. Little girls have literally been vaginally fucked to death with a normal mans member and left to die.

I'm just suggesting you do your research, be smart and take precautions in future endeavors. I think users and moderators can agree this is a right and proper step before you potentially do something you may regret. There are guides posted in .pdf form on 8kun random occasionally and publications if you prefer. I am not sure if it is proper or violates some unstated rule here so I will refrain from posting such literature at this point in time. Good luck!


Anonymous 2021/08/07(Sat) 23:00:05 GMT No. /lol/4880
File: WHARRGARBL.jpg (21 KB, 410x246) >>4879
Anonymous 2021/08/08(Sun) 00:37:43 GMT No. /lol/4881
File: dhebe.jpg (5 MB, 3024x4032) despite the obvious pedobait, the mootxico board travels on
Anonymous 2021/08/08(Sun) 08:06:29 GMT No. /lol/4883
Hey, I love children.
Anonymous 2021/08/08(Sun) 10:36:28 GMT No. /lol/4887
There is nothing better than a sexy little child mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Anonymous 2021/08/10(Tue) 01:49:31 GMT No. /lol/4923
impressive skills
where did you find this guy?
Anonymous 2021/08/10(Tue) 16:20:47 GMT No. /lol/4933
When i grow up, i wanna be a nigra
Anonymous 2021/08/10(Tue) 16:35:10 GMT No. /lol/4934
Thanks for your hard work, i'm glad you have enough confidence to do something like this.
Anonymous 2021/08/10(Tue) 22:47:54 GMT No. /lol/4938
He was hanging around the central jail after he got out (he still has his name tag on his wrist) and was probably bored
Anonymous 2021/08/10(Tue) 23:03:54 GMT No. /lol/4939
This man's only crime was being too cool. And probably murder or something too but who cares about that.
Anonymous 2021/08/10(Tue) 23:12:55 GMT No. /lol/4941
File: me_n_fren_=).PNG (523 KB, 492x755) >>4934
doing dumb shit is my forte, as long as it's fun and interesting.
Anonymous 2021/08/10(Tue) 23:14:29 GMT No. /lol/4942
File: mootxi_flip.jpg (764 KB, 1048x1733) >>4939
when you're this cool, no one cares
Anonymous 2021/08/10(Tue) 23:25:47 GMT No. /lol/4943
Keep doing it, I love it.
Anonymous 2021/08/10(Tue) 23:57:20 GMT No. /lol/4944
as long as it doesnt hurt the site, fuck yeah
Anonymous 2021/08/12(Thu) 13:09:45 GMT No. /lol/4970
then you have to go to jail, it seems

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