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Anonymous 2021/10/02(Sat) 06:55:35 GMT No. /lol/5579
File: images.jfif (11 KB, 259x194)
Fuck, alright ill get to the point, my friend has a bigger cock then me and its not fucking fair. total bullshit, hes some light nazi tendicies and femboy loving asshole republican and his dick is a full one inch bigger then mine. whats the point? god has cursed me the day i popped out of the womb and met this bastard of a man along with his dick size. what the fuck man, not cool. also my original xbxo racing wheel controller doesn't fucking work which is honestly way fucking worse. 15 dollars and hyped and fuck all just to be disappointed from utter bullshit. IT EVEN CAME WITH THE FUCKING CLIUTCH PEDDLES. small dick, broken racing wheel, day fucking ruined
Anonymous 2021/10/02(Sat) 14:06:37 GMT No. /lol/5583
My N64 still doesn't work because dumbass 8yo me dropped it too many times, and now we have to open it up and fix it.

>No Goldeneye007 at 2 AM
Anonymous 2021/10/02(Sat) 18:21:53 GMT No. /lol/5589
File: no.webm (1 MB, 832x720) Wait.
How do you know all of that about your.. "friend"?
Anonymous 2021/10/03(Sun) 13:39:46 GMT No. /lol/5619
why not suck your friend's cock to get enough money to buy a new one
Anonymous 2021/10/03(Sun) 14:40:58 GMT No. /lol/5633
OP leech of your friend
Anonymous 2021/10/16(Sat) 11:52:17 GMT No. /lol/5857
File: fullthrottle.jpeg (2 KB, 276x183) Have you tried getting hard?
Anonymous 2021/10/25(Mon) 07:17:30 GMT No. /lol/5988
File: six_inch_canno(...).png (1 MB, 1920x1080) His friend
Anonymous 2021/10/25(Mon) 13:10:12 GMT No. /lol/5993
Hey our first shill! Mootxico is going places! Nowhere good but places.

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