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This is good news. You must read it.


New hobbies board!

by LongFag @ 10:59PM, 09 Jan 2023 []

1 new boards have been created:

- /hob/ - Hobbies

This board is meant to house specific hobby threads, such as Drawing, Anime, Tabletop, Video Games, Do-it-Yourself projects and anything else that can be considered hobbies (shitposting is not a valid hobby!) Feel free to post multiple threads for variants of your hobbies if you want.

Do remember that /lol/ - Internet is our ANYTHING GOES random board so threads that fit on /hob/ can also freely be posted on /lol/.

Happy new years to all of you anons, happy 11111th post and happy shitposting! And as always; if you have any feedback, criticism, ideas or just want to talk then join our IRC channel at #mootxico @

so i herd u liek musikz

by LongFag @ 1:17AM, 09 Oct 2021 []

Mootxico now has a radio! You can listen to it with the link on the left.
Currently a few of the old "LULZ: Corruption of LOL" albums are in rotation along with a bunch of other random stuff.
You can use the "Request Song" button on the player to search for/request songs. If you think we need to add something, let us know in the sticky or on IRC.

Lol Internet

by Barry @ 11:53PM, 04 Oct 2021 []

Just to let everyone know, we renamed "/b/ - Random" to "/lol/ - Internet".
Please update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, and anything else that looks for /b/.
We will continue to redirect /b/ to /lol/ for a little while, but it will be phased out soon.


by Barry @ 3:37PM, 20 Sep 2021 []

It's been 1 year since Longcat's death, and therefore 1 year since Mootxico's foundation. To commemorate the event, we're adding a Longcat to every thread that will grow as long as the thread does.

We're also allowing more user choice over their browsing experience with the Settings Menu. In the top left of each page, you have a new menu button that allows you to access and change your settings. Don't forget to save them after you make changes.

We're also adding (for now) a limited mobile view. Those of you who wish to browse Mootxico from your phones need be redirected to the eBay 'used computer' section no more. You can now view the site from mobile devices. You can post replies, but currently you cannot post threads. You may only post text, no files.

EDIT: We no longer allow mobile phones.

The Archive

by Barry @ 2:21AM, 01 Jul 2021 []

Some threads are very good. We all like these threads, and it's sad to see them 404. To save the memories of particularly good threads, we're introducing The Archive.

Mods now have the ability to save an entire thread to the archive, which gets moved there after it gets bumped off. We may also delete irrelevant replies from archived threads, since they're not what's really being archived.

We're not going to save every thread, only a few good ones.


by Barry @ 12:47AM, 09 Jun 2021 []

After the suggestion of an oekaki board, we've decided to implement it as an option by default, just like we did for Flash.

Using it works as you'd expect: when you post something click the "Draw" button instead of uploading a file. What ever you draw will be made your image. Don't forget to check "Replay" if you want people to be able to watch how you drew it!

This update makes tremendous use of Tegaki by desuwa, and probably wouldn't have happened if it weren't for Tegaki existing already.

We're also adding a report post feature, in an effort to increase moderation. Just tick the post(s) you want to report, select a reason from the drop down menu, and click "Report". We'll be alerted to the report quickly.

This is a nice chance to remind everyone that we do read and consider all suggestions. A lot of the features on the site have been your ideas. Please do post ideas on the site or in the IRC channel.

Flash, UI and More

by Barry @ 11:38AM, 01 Jun 2021 []

Once again, we've been working on new features, and once again here they are:
  • Flash (.swf file) support
  • >quoting support
  • Cleaned up UI
  • Moderator tool upgrade
This update wouldn't have been possible without Ruffle. Be sure to check out their website and support them if you can. Ruffle is still in development at the moment, and will get better as time goes on.
Not all flash files work currently. People can still download the file and view it offline. You can always test your flash files on Ruffle's demo player to see if it works. We'll see how things go, but if this causes too many issues we will remove it.

For moderation, ban templates now exist for the rules, so ban lengths will be more consistent for the breaking any of the rules. Hopefully the site becomes cleaner and a more pleasant experience to browse (and eat), free from spam and cheese pizza.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a banner so far, they're all great.
Any issues you find (which will be plentiful with an update like this), please do report them to us.

EDIT: The update was a bit buggy, posting was temporarily broken. Everything should work normally now. Sorry for the downtime.

MP4 Support

by Barry @ 2:41AM, 01 May 2021 []

Mootxico now supports MP4 videos!
Hopefully this makes sharing video files easier, and saves you having to convert everything to a .webm file.

Additionally, some other features have been introduced, such as a cookie which stores the last name you posted with, so you don't have to keep typing it back in. You should also now see an error if you try to upload a file type that isn't supported, rather than it just not uploading but still posting your message.

BANNERS: On a side note, we are currently accepting banners for the boards. There is a sticky thread on /b/ currently for banner submission, any banners that get submitted will be added to the rotation so long as they meet the following two requirements:
  • be 300x100 pixels
  • not be pornographic, overly obscene or explicit
It literally only has to meet these two requirements to be added, although ideally (please) it'd be Mootxico related.

The MP4 support feature was requested a few times by you guys. If you have more ideas for the site, please do drop into the irc channel, or post the ideas on the site.

Catalog and New Engine!

by Barry @ 4:08AM, 01 Apr 2021 []

Due to popular demand, we're finally adding a Catalog feature to Mootxico.
Due to recent undisclosed payments, we're porting Mootxico to the Source Engine.
I hope everyone can enjoy the new features, and finds the site more user-friendly.

New Features

by Barry @ 1:46AM, 06 Mar 2021 []

For a little while now, we've been working on a few new features for Mootxico's software.

The most important parts are:
  • Pop-up reply form
  • Auto-update by default
  • Checkbox selectors for posts
  • Fortunes
  • WebP support
  • Catalog
If you find any errors/bugs with the new features, please report them in the irc channel, or complain about it on the site.


by Barry @ 1:44AM, 02 Feb 2021 []

Welcome to Mootxico. Dive right in and post on the site.
Most importantly: enjoy yourself!
(Be sure to read the rules)