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Anonymous 2021/06/27(Sun) 14:43:31 GMT [View] No. /lol/3623
File: loan.png (280 KB, 602x507) Life is surfening
Anonymous 2021/06/28(Mon) 19:41:29 No. /lol/3653
File: cattt.jpg (3 KB, 392x320)
I just thought it was a funny image. Not supposed to be meaningful in any way
Anonymous 2021/06/30(Wed) 01:08:07 No. /lol/3681
File: 1398670813.gif (165 KB, 576x432)
Anonymous 2021/06/30(Wed) 02:18:01 No. /lol/3684

I aint clicking that shit nigga
gargoyle 2021/06/03(Thu) 02:22:19 GMT [View] No. /lol/2996
File: IMG_1023.JPG (3 MB, 4608x3456) hey
Anonymous 2021/06/12(Sat) 23:47:40 No. /lol/3246
File: 20210612_15(...).jpg (1 MB, 4032x3024)
Anonymous 2021/06/13(Sun) 08:35:51 No. /lol/3250
Do you think mlk will actually be there?
Anonymous 2021/06/14(Mon) 05:46:02 No. /lol/3260
mlk has been charging his power in the grave for decades.
today, that power is released.

Anonymous Going North 2021/05/21(Fri) 22:30:56 GMT [View] No. /lol/2777
File: IMG_0920.JPG (2 MB, 4608x3456) Hey Mootxico,
on a fukken train
Anonymous 2021/05/25(Tue) 23:54:16 No. /lol/2864
A-are you bold?
Anonymous 2021/05/26(Wed) 22:08:35 No. /lol/2876
font wise? Yes
Anonymous 2021/05/27(Thu) 04:47:13 No. /lol/2888
well, this thread seems to have died down.
Doing this shit is fun, and I'm looking forward to getting more ideas as the site grows.
Thanks for reading
Anonymous 2021/04/27(Tue) 18:36:20 GMT [View] No. /lol/2454
File: love-love_6.jpg (171 KB, 2220x1248) oh my god i hate boats so much. i can not even fathom why someone would ever think even for a second that boats are superior to any other form of transportation. of all they ways of transportation we have such as planes going hundreds of mile per hour and someone thinks "hmm yes i want to be on a piece of wood going 5mph and getting sea sick. jesus fuck might as well just swim. if i was told i needed to get across the ocean only by boat i would drain the god damn sea and fucking walk. nothing cool goes on in the sea anyway. fuck fish, think think they can get off easy? fuck no. boats are just giant fish that float, and i FUCKING HATE BOATS.
Anonymous 2021/04/28(Wed) 23:01:32 No. /lol/2470
File: piratelol.gif (1 MB, 300x206)
lol @ these non-swashbucklers
Anonymous 2021/04/29(Thu) 03:15:55 No. /lol/2477
File: ahey.gif (592 KB, 445x250)
What's the matter bilge rat SCUM, you can't handle mother sea's sweet embrace?
Anonymous 2021/04/29(Thu) 17:53:25 No. /lol/2487
File: SubwayGang.gif (334 KB, 480x309)
Y'all talking shit about boats in New York I will put some crackheads, preachers, and musicians on your ass and that's on the L