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Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Anonymous ## Admin 2021/04/25(Sun) 21:11:24 GMT No. 2423 [Reply]
File: 4.png (20 KB, 300x100) M-M-MOTHER FUCKING BANNER THREAD

Make and post banners here
Must be 300x100 and not contain porn 
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Anonymous 2021/06/23(Wed) 03:26:46 GMT No. 3576
Crap, i just noticed my mistake haha
But i'm gonna leave it that way because i'm lazy and also for shits and laughs.
Anonymous 2021/06/24(Thu) 19:13:20 GMT No. 3595 [Reply]
File: whipper9000.jpg (68 KB, 837x476) Niggerwhipper 9000
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Anonymous 2021/06/25(Fri) 01:34:02 GMT No. 3600
File: photo_2020-(...).jpg (28 KB, 640x640)
All of the above
Anonymous 2021/06/25(Fri) 07:27:45 GMT No. 3602
you can whip a nigger on the head when the chain goes down, and another on the ass when it goes up, i count about 28 to 70 chains, so it can whip aproximatly 56 to 140 niggers per rotation
Asmodeus 2021/06/25(Fri) 10:54:39 GMT No. 3603
File: asmodeus.jpg (143 KB, 733x1090)
You're looking at those numbers wrong, that's only if you single stack the niggers.

If you double, triple or even quad stack the jungle bunnies you can increase the efficiency exponentially.

Anonymous 2021/06/19(Sat) 01:20:52 GMT No. 3458 [Reply]
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Anonymous ## Admin 2021/06/19(Sat) 02:24:37 GMT No. 3463
File: 0083-133766(...).jpg (8 KB, 296x170)
There was spam, it was cleaned up. Countermeasures are being implemented for future incidents.
Anonymous 2021/06/19(Sat) 05:11:40 GMT No. 3476
File: 1566792211768.jpg (80 KB, 1000x1105)
jschan has great spam deterent features. the aesthetics are dog doo imo, but its secure. i think the kid who made it still runs/operates fatchan if you wanna ask questions about spam security coding.

t.monke phone hacker
Anonymous 2021/06/21(Mon) 08:27:25 GMT No. 3519
File: 1590735834695.jpg (22 KB, 604x482)
Anonymous 2021/06/23(Wed) 22:47:54 GMT No. 3581 [Reply]
File: fried chicken (...).png (759 KB, 1261x833) Fucking lol'd
Anonymous 2021/06/23(Wed) 23:06:40 GMT No. 3585
File: photo_2021-(...).jpg (35 KB, 600x600)
Wow I fucking love IKEA now
Anonymous 2021/06/23(Wed) 23:41:46 GMT No. 3586
File: 1582758488020.gif (2 MB, 500x319)
Anonymous 2021/06/25(Fri) 01:31:16 GMT No. 3599
File: 1285471561640.jpg (184 KB, 450x600)
o lawd

Anonymous 2021/06/24(Thu) 01:06:09 GMT No. 3587 [Reply]
File: 1436233161049.png (992 KB, 2780x1524) Is there any way to return to the pre-ironic era of the Internet?
Please reply
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Anonymous 2021/06/24(Thu) 14:48:48 GMT No. 3593
tbh 2021/06/24(Thu) 18:11:44 GMT No. 3594
File: 1624556998653.png (60 KB, 1490x373)
Anonymous 2021/06/25(Fri) 01:28:32 GMT No. 3598
Search out virtual enclaves like this site that partake in that era
Anonymous 2021/06/21(Mon) 13:04:09 GMT No. 3526 [Reply]
File: 1623046965568.swf (146 KB) .
Anonymous 2021/06/21(Mon) 15:36:14 GMT No. 3527
File: black bob.jpg (112 KB, 640x524)
Anonymous 2021/06/24(Thu) 05:33:29 GMT No. 3591
File: blacknotwhite.swf (355 KB)

Anonymous 2021/06/22(Tue) 02:17:01 GMT No. 3550 [Reply]
File: beating childr(...).gif (3 MB, 350x183) GIFs and WEBMs
Post em if you got em
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Anonymous 2021/06/23(Wed) 09:55:21 GMT No. 3578
Not much of a story, they stole her candy
I stole their feet from the ground temporarily
Anonymous 2021/06/23(Wed) 22:49:26 GMT No. 3583
Anonymous 2021/06/24(Thu) 04:57:17 GMT No. 3590
File: 1610309751989.webm (774 KB, 512x288)
Fukkin love Ghost In The Shell
Anonymous 2021/06/23(Wed) 16:48:51 GMT No. 3579 [Reply]
File: niggalisa.png (416 KB, 640x480) niggalisa
Anonymous 2021/06/23(Wed) 23:05:28 GMT No. 3584
File: 1328933357460.jpg (27 KB, 555x445)
I have this sneaking suspicion that she can't breathe

Anonymous LOLCATS, INTERNET, INTERNET FUN 2021/06/23(Wed) 02:56:25 GMT No. 3575 [Reply]
File: Your Internet (...).jpeg (80 KB, 608x643) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBzJzrZmWfU
I'm going back
And I'm bringing you all with me
Anonymous 2021/06/23(Wed) 04:08:09 GMT No. 3577
File: LadyDawn142(...).png (147 KB, 352x240)
I love this picture in that video
Anonymous 2021/06/21(Mon) 05:08:25 GMT No. 3514 [Reply]
File: 1174588541212.gif (223 KB, 295x210) MOOOOOOOOT
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Anonymous 2021/06/22(Tue) 15:58:54 GMT No. 3559
Anonymous 2021/06/23(Wed) 02:23:34 GMT No. 3573
File: Wobblegirl.swf (5 MB)
Anonymous 2021/06/23(Wed) 02:24:07 GMT No. 3574
File: 8dad78cd357(...).gif (289 KB, 640x480)
Ruffle sucks
Play it in the Flash debugger

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