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Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Anonymous 2021/09/25(Sat) 03:59:59 GMT No. 5470 [Reply]
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Anonymous 2021/09/26(Sun) 18:53:31 GMT No. 5495
File: 1632114035321.jpg (59 KB, 614x505)
nice post!
Anonymous 2021/09/26(Sun) 20:19:24 GMT No. 5496
File: vomit-face.gif (119 KB, 220x165)
Anonymous 2021/09/27(Mon) 08:52:38 GMT No. 5505
File: mpv-shot0019.jpg (141 KB, 1280x719)
God I wish I was that bear
Anonymous 2021/09/17(Fri) 17:14:46 GMT No. 5366 [Reply]
File: tegaki.png (24 KB, 512x512) it took me half a fucking hour to draw this shitty board
let's play some fucking chess baby
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Anonymous 2021/09/26(Sun) 06:31:06 GMT No. 5491
File: tegaki.png (185 KB, 512x512)
Anonymous 2021/09/27(Mon) 06:55:08 GMT No. 5502
File: tegaki.png (206 KB, 512x512)
I'm calling fucking cheating on this one
White took 2 consecutive turns
I'm taking 2 turns for black to make up for it
I hope we can move past this dispute and have a nice *clean* game
Anonymous 2021/09/27(Mon) 07:53:38 GMT No. 5504
File: tegaki.png (181 KB, 512x512)

Anonymous 2021/09/27(Mon) 02:04:32 GMT No. 5497 [Reply]
File: 1631394011296.webm (1 MB, 576x1024) ~~~~~~
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Anonymous 2021/09/27(Mon) 06:44:45 GMT No. 5500
File: piratelol.gif (1 MB, 300x206)
Anonymous 2021/09/27(Mon) 06:46:36 GMT No. 5501
File: YarHar.gif (601 KB, 532x348)
Anonymous 2021/09/27(Mon) 07:01:33 GMT No. 5503
File: himmler.jpeg (814 KB, 1600x2390)
God I love pirates
Skull and crossbones is an underrated symbol
Anonymous 2021/09/26(Sun) 04:11:14 GMT No. 5483 [Reply]
File: wym.png (307 KB, 750x920) >what control dynamic?
Anonymous 2021/09/26(Sun) 05:08:16 GMT No. 5489
File: 1563028622238.gif (354 KB, 346x429)

Anonymous 2021/09/20(Mon) 04:10:17 GMT No. 5387 [Reply]
File: tenacious dick(...).gif (145 KB, 240x184) This is the greatest and best song in the world...

Long time ago, me and my brother Long here
We was left driftin' down a wide and lonesome sea
All of a sudden, there shined a shiny website
In the middle of the blue
"If your posts ends in a 5, you must eat your cum (cum)

Well, me and Long
We looked at each other
And we each said
And we posted the first thing that came to our heads
Just so happened to be
The post ending in 5
It was the post ending in 5

Look into my eyes and it's easy to see
One and one make two
Two and three makes seed
It was destiny

Once every hundred-thousand posts or so
When the lulz doth shine
And the sea doth glow and anons doth grow..

Needless to say
The mod was stunned
A quick-wack with his hammer tail
And the mod was done
He asked us *snort*
"Be you faggots?"
And we said, "Nay
We are but fail!" Cock
Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh-ah-ah
Ohhh, whoah

This is not the greatest site in the world, no
This is just a tribute
Couldn't recreate the greatest site in the world, no
No, this is a tribute, oh
To the greatest site in the world, alright
It was the greatest site in the world, alright
Yeah, it was the best motherfuckin' site-
The greatest site in the world

Ah-rah, dee
Goo-guh fli-goo gee-goo
Guh fli-goo, ga-goo-buh-dee
Ooh, guh-goo-bee
Fli-goo gee-goo
A-fliguh woo-wa mama Mootykins!

And the peculiar thing is this, my fags
The site we visited on that fateful night
It didn't actually look anything like this site!

This is just a tribute
You've got to believe me
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Anonymous 2021/09/20(Mon) 05:26:28 GMT No. 5394
File: 1559494075559.jpg (193 KB, 933x356)
Anonymous 2021/09/20(Mon) 12:04:51 GMT No. 5395
A legendary thread appears
Anonymous 2021/09/26(Sun) 03:08:38 GMT No. 5482
File: Desubucks3.jpg (575 KB, 1600x666)
Anonymous 2021/09/07(Tue) 03:56:28 GMT No. 5217 [Reply]
File: Re_Zero Kara H(...).jpg (148 KB, 800x1149) What have you guys been doing to make the Internet less shit?
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Anonymous 2021/09/25(Sat) 12:14:10 GMT No. 5474
hehehehehehehe it was quite a fun raid
Anonymous 2021/09/25(Sat) 18:36:22 GMT No. 5478
What happened?
Anonymous 2021/09/26(Sun) 00:14:18 GMT No. 5480
File: BMNZAN6Z23R(...).gif (1 MB, 195x144)

Anonymous 2021/09/20(Mon) 21:20:26 GMT No. 5399 [Reply]
File: 1582605739643.png (42 KB, 300x300) Long live longcat
Anonymous 2021/09/24(Fri) 23:17:18 GMT No. 5454
Anonymous 2021/09/25(Sat) 18:35:53 GMT No. 5477
>not kittydel
smh, some people
Anonymous 2021/09/23(Thu) 00:55:02 GMT No. 5427 [Reply]
File: 1560301736053.png (846 KB, 930x605)  
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Anonymous 2021/09/24(Fri) 02:13:31 GMT No. 5437
File: 1609124104366.png (152 KB, 472x472)
Anonymous 2021/09/24(Fri) 22:36:12 GMT No. 5452
File: hansen.png (131 KB, 324x600)
Is everyone doing well in this thread today?
Anonymous 2021/09/25(Sat) 07:46:17 GMT No. 5471
File: The_Booty_W(...).png (493 KB, 521x712)
Pretty good now that you're here, Chris Handsome

Anonymous 2021/09/24(Fri) 08:11:11 GMT No. 5442 [Reply]
File: 4chan_vs_7chan.swf (1 MB) mootxico needs it's own flash movies
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Anonymous 2021/09/25(Sat) 02:49:36 GMT No. 5466
My apologies what I should've said was I Don't know it
Anonymous 2021/09/25(Sat) 02:56:08 GMT No. 5467
mootxico requires all users to use genderless pronouns
please delete your posts and rephrase them to be more inclusive

Anonymous 2021/09/25(Sat) 03:19:19 GMT No. 5468
anon's fucking dead ;_;
Anonymous 2021/09/24(Fri) 19:59:02 GMT No. 5448 [Reply]
File: sufmering.gif (1 MB, 221x244) What's the point in having insecure tripcodes when you have secore ones?
Anonymous 2021/09/24(Fri) 20:14:55 GMT No. 5449
It works on all imageboards.
also you can brute force the non-secure ones, which may seem bad to you, but it allows for custom tripcodes that result in phrases
e.g. you could have 'name!KillBirds'
by bruteforcing the tripcode "KillBirds", then using the key for your trip. This cannot be done with secure trip-codes
Anonymous 2021/09/24(Fri) 20:29:34 GMT No. 5450
oh, neato

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